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Hi there, I’d like to suggest a new feature on duelyst called team battle. I understand that 2v2 match like yu gi oh might be an entirely new gameplay that might be quite troublesome to deal with. So, I want to give another alternative. Basically you made a team (like a guild with 30 members or so at max), that’s your roster, from there you can play a 2v2 3v3 or 5v5 match (when you choose a mode you will have to invite other player from your team to the corresponding numbers of the mode). When playing it will be a 1v1 like usual, but there will be score to recognize the winning team. Lastly, there will be ranking system, both on the team itself (between teammates) and between teams by winning count.
The reason for this idea is that I find this game truly enjoyable but at the same time lacks the ability to really interact with your friends beside chatting and spectate. Just a random idea I guess, hopefully it’s reasonable. :grin:



Yeah i brought this up awhile back but most people don’t see it happening. Honestly it seems more like just a cool feature than actually serving a purpose because if ur still running a 1v1 then its kinda the same thing just with the additional thought of your team counting on you. What i think would be awesome was if we got a 2v2 feature that incorporated a bigger map to fit 4 generals and their minions. Then i thought of the issue of cards that have the ability of doing damage to the enemy general when a condition is met such as Decimus and Whiplash (how would these minions know which general to target). That is just one issue with the mode i wish existed . I dont see any issue with having a guild system though because it could be a team consisting of up to 10 players that each individually earn points for the guild from winning matches in ladder or any new mode counterplay chooses to create. Anyway cool idea @arkland


“I know 2v2 is very difficult to implement and balance, so I have a solution- 5v5!”



I think 2v2 is balanceable, maybe at the start each general would be “Linked” to an enemy general and their direct damage minions would just effect that general.

Or maybe even when you played your minions like shadow dancer or whiplash you got to select the enemy general that receives the damage, this would add another degree of strategy to the match :smile:

In both these suggestions I think the target would switch to the other one as soon the current target dies :slight_smile:


@enlightenedowl You clearly didn’t saw my entire post or you got it wrong completely :slight_smile:, as I stated it’ll still be a 1v1 match. The entire team concept is about scores. When I said 2v2 3v3 or 5v5, take it an example for 5v5, there’ll be 5 players from team A battling 5 players from team B, all on 1v1 match. Let’s say players named A, B, C, D, E on team 1 vs players named F, G,H,I,J from team 2, the match would be like:

A vs F
B vs G
C vs H
D vs I
E vs J

It can be either a simultaneous battle (all at once) or a sequential, probably simultaneous would be good. I just thought of an addition to this feature, all players will be shown the current equipped deck along with their heroes only (btw they can’t change deck when a deck is chosen), they’ll be given a 30 secs to 1 min time to discuss who should fight who.
If somehow the score became draw, each team pick one of the remaining members (only the winning one) to become their reprenstative for 1 last rematch. Players that are done dueling can spectate other teammates to encourage them or even instruct them (can’t see opponent’s side ofc)

@owlington ^ I’ve been writing a long explanation about team battle over there but lemme just rephrase the main points of it:
What make it needs a bit of teamwork?
-Basically you’re given time to discuss on your team who should fight who when the rosters are shown (faction and heroes only tho)
-When one or more teammates are done they can use spectate (only to teammates) to encourage or give guidance to them
-Lastly, the whole draw mechanism, where they need to pick 1 representative per team to do one last match to determine the winner
Those are the point, at least that’s what I think :smiley:
@gabriek Quite interesting, like Yu-Gi-Oh tag team match indeed. Although it is highly experimental imo because of the multiple drawing and heroes capabilities (4 players) if this system is being implemented, which mean it requires more time to do balancing.


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