Taygete after Shim'zar - Still the Queen of the Jungle?


So instead of bringing the same thing up in 5 different threads, i thought we might just put our thoughts regarding Taygete down here. I apologize in advance if i use some iffy formulations or make some mistakes, i am pretty tired.

I am gonna try and analyse how well taygete performs in the different matchups here:

Taygete is still very strong vs Lyonar. Not only might Zoo/Battlepet Lyonar see play, Lyonar also doesn’t have good removal for taygete, outside of martyrdom, which only really slow lists ran pre-shimzar, and will most likely not be common once the meta has settled either. Arclyte regalia or roaring a 2 drop are ways to trade with taygete, but the former is rather suboptimal, even though its a ‘4 mana for 4’ trade, you lose 2 charges of regalia and take 5 facedamage. Roaring a 2 drop is better, even though it costs you a BBS use you could have spared for going lethal. Decimate will imo be pretty viable as a 1 of in most lyonar lists, if the meta continues to be as ‘swarmy’, which obviously is also good removal for taygete. Circle of Life has also to be mentioned here, since it killed even old taygete in one hit, but isn’t optimal either, since it deals damage, which means you have to get away from taygete. Her infaction competitors aren’t really great vs Lyonar either, since Healyonar lists, that seem to be strong now, love them a skorn or tempest for self-damage to enable healing, and Lyonar has Azurite Lion, which means that chrysalis burst is rather risky vs lyonar, even with its new power. And if grow decks ever become a thing, they will be very vulnerable to sun bloom, so taygete remains your best in faction pick vs Lyonar.


deathstrike seal has gotten a lot better with the expansion imo, due to the supremacy of ‘trigger when damaged’ minions like nimbus, and also with battle panddo. Most likely still not that great for full spellhai, but still good. Phoenix fire + 2 drop has always been a good way for songhai to deal with taygete, the constraint to position away from her also doesn’t affect spellhai much. Lantern Fox can also abuse her to get 2 Triggers of (even though the fox dies in the process). Backstab Versions might struggle, but the oldschool spellhai never really gave a damn about taygete.


Vetruvian are probably the worst matchup for taygete. Nimbus abuses her for days, Vet has Falcius for a free clear, Sajj BBS, Wind Dervishes to trade, entropic decay, can even psychic conduit it now (not sure on that spell, but it might become a thing so hey), chrysalis burst outclasses for days in this matchup, due to vets lack of in-faction aoe (bone swarm doesn’t really count for clearing eggs) and since pressuring Vets early is kinda key nowadays, since their lategame curve is so strong.

Grasp and Lure, the standard early game removal tools of Abyssian pre Shimzar aren’t very good vs Taygete. Spectral Blade kills her now, but again, not a favorable thing to do, since you still lose 5 Health and 2 charges of your artifact. Ritual banishing is a good way to deal with her, but Swarm Abyss seems kinda dead and Creep doesn’t really have a motivation to run it. Dark transformation is also good, but pretty expensive. Since Abyss’ Pets are so good, taygete is still pretty solid vs abyssian imo, it can in theory also make playing obliterate hurt your opponent as well, but its kinda hard to force that positioning. Trades with Juggernaut whch is huge. Overall still good Matchup for Taygete.

Magmar: Dies to Makantor now, even though it hurts the Makantor user to lose his 4/2 body (it often forces a faceclear, effectively dealing 8 face damage). Technically dies to Lava lance when an egg is on board, but when is that ever gonna matter lol. She is pretty powerful vs Pokehorn if that ever becomes a serious archetype in the long run ( i think it has the potential to tbh). Dies to Plasma Storm which is way more common now, but she did so before the nerf as well. Overall a neutral matchup.

Vanar: Well… Cryo, Chromatic, Glacial Elemental, Snowchaser, Hearth Sister to change taygets positioning, Vanar has all the ways to deal with a 4-health taygete, since losing a snowchaser and resummoning it for example doesn’t really hurt. Still is kinda good since it can trade with Karas steroid-minions, but overall its pretty meh…

In General you can just trade 2 drop + 5 face damage vs her now, which takes a huge part of her former threat away. Prenerf trading into taygete while not losing value and tempo was pretty damn impossible, since you needed 3 ‘early game attacks’, therefore forcing removal or defensive positioning (to make her only hit 1-2 minions/generals with her aoe and ping her of with a bloodtear afterwards or sth. Since her Frenzy is so slow, you never actually hit more than 2 enemies, especially now when she’s so easy to clear. Its literally the same as clearing a Sphinx or Flamewing now. 5 face dmg might hurt, but to clear a 4 drop its almost always necessary. (compare sunsteel, which forces 2 hits as well, or Dioltas, or even chassis of z0r). taygete just doesn’t give you immediate board control anymore, like she used to, because shes much more squishy now and CAN be traded into somewhat favorably. Also considering that slower Magmae decks might not be that viable in the future meta, while aggromar got some nice toys, i think that elucidator and chrysalis burst are better than taygete for most decks now.

Feel free to voice your (opposing or not) opinions in this thread as well.

quick edit: Primus fisting a 2 drop also clears her, which is huge, and i also think that Dioltas is pretty strong in Magmar now. Scratch the psychic conduit part.


As the nerf was a pretty big one it was needed, although Silithar Veteran is dead.