Talking of S rank being broken


I know the system is a mess and that’s nothing new and I’m also aware how this thread isn’t very constructive. I just thought it was mildly funny because I’ve never seen seen it being broken to this degree.

Guess how many S games I had to win in order to get such a high and prestigious rank?




3 :3

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15 characters at least…


Isn’t your final rank only calculated after 100 games in S rank? And if you don’t play it will drop but not update until you finish a match?


100 games in S rank only applied to the last season in regards for DWC. It was a band-aid fix and apparently a bad one at that since it’s not valid anymore.

You drop in ranks only when people actually surpass you, you don’t decay. Combine that with a fact how first few games in S hold very big significance, I could legitimately end up at rank 1 if I just wait till like 30 minutes before the season ends and just luck out with 2 victories.


O really?
I have no idea how it works, only making speculations from experience.
I hope they fix it somehow soon.
Btw why isn’t it valid anymore?


Iunno. I guess it’s a combination of players not being happy and band-aid fix not working as intended. Doesn’t matter really as there were no actual changes done to the ladder at any point and it was all just due to DWC.


This have happened to me too. I started at position 7, won a couple of matches and then got position 2. Then I lost one game and dropped 20 positions or something like that. Now I’m at 70, winning matches but losing positions, kappa


Because 100 games being played in s is a lot of games and time that most players dont want to play. Also because it just makes the top 50 lists look like a joke since all the good players cant make top 50 if they play 100 games in s but if every1 else plays under 10 games theyll be top 50 even if theyre very bad


when mogwai passed from rank 1 to 0 , he started from rank 4 DansGame . and if he wants to . he can just not play anymore until the end of the season and 99% end up in top 50 s-rank players


So it’s even worse than I thought. Wish I could say I’m surprised.


Simple solution is if the system becomes point based. >>You don’t have to see the points, just your rank<<

Win = + 5 points
Loss = - 3 points
or something similar (this is just an example)

Play more and win = more points
Play less and loose = less points




The guy with most points = Rank 1
The guy behind him = Rank 2 and so on…

If 2 players are with the same amount of points then the player with most games/levels/badges/victories (you get it, pick one) is the player with the forward Rank.


If it was only that simple… You didn’t address any of the important issues. Initial placement, calibration and lack of decay. No offense but if the solution was that easy it would have been in the game already.


I didn’t understand your comment. Sorry. Can you explain it simpler. And also what do you want to get from the Rank system? Or in other words, where do you want to go with this system.


The main problem with S-rank isn’t point allocation, but the lack of decay if you do not play: meaning that you’re more likely to keep your rank if you do nothing.

(Also, yes, the possibility to jump to rank 7 in one match is fucked up.)

I’m super eager to see the new system. It’s a tricky issue and I look forward to see how CP will fix it.


And the point system is exactly fixing the lack of decay.

  • I have 5 points and I’m rank 1.
  • I don’t play the game for 1 week.
  • The other players keep playing the game.
  • Some guy with 30 wins and 10 losses have. 120 points.
  • Now he is Rank 1.
  • I’m rank 89 with 5 points.
  • I have to play the game to catch up.
  • I can’t reach rank 1 nor rank 7 with 2 wins.


Well this is factually not true , to end up in top 50 you still need to start relatively high once you’ve hit S-rank which requires you to either get S-rank early or beat quite a bit of S-rank players when you were diamond. And after that you need to have a nearly 100% win ratio in the first 5 games you play in S-rank.

Of course the system is completely broken and stupid , but even with this in mind you need to be a decently good player to achieve a top 50.


That sounds like something that would keep players at rank 50 for a looong time.


Your solution just promotes grinding. If i play enough i can get S-Rank Number 1 by playing tons of games. Decay is fundamentally different in that it’s not relative to other players rank, but absolute instead. What i don’t understand is why CPG doesn’t use a simple elorating system, like many other games.


The last time i bagoummed in august i literally started into s rank in the top 50 on the last 3 days then won once for top 30, a bunch of the top 50s from the last month didnt play under 3 games. So yes it is actually true. The only thing that would determine a somewhat good player is the top 5 spots, more specifically #1 cuz you need to go 8-0 for #1 a lot of times. (Which still can happen for a lot less good players while people like solafid have to go 44-3 and barely move)