Talk about an unfair game


I was playing a Songhai deck, with no legendaries and like 2 epics.

I went up agaisnt someone whom had Amyara Healers, Inquisitor, Nimbus etc.

At rank 18, how the hell is someone supposed to combete agaisnt that kind stuff?

It isn’t really fair.

Long story short, why is this person such a low rank?


Good cards =/= good player.
Also its early in the season so there may be older players laddering up. The reset system aims to alleviate this issue but no system is perfect and card pool difference is an unfortunate reality of any CCG.


Oh I know its bound to happen. It is just infurating to face someone I had 0% chance of beating.


When a player in gold or silver resets at the end of the season they drop very low, they might have been playing long enough to fill out a deck


Probably so, I guess I just got really unlucky on whom I got matched with then.


I know that feeling man…nothing you can do with your deck with near zero legendaries vs 3x nimbus and 3x amarya healer…
but look on the bright side, you’ll be them one day


You aren’t. It’s just part of the game. Learn from it, and move on. Sorry but that’s all there really is.

It will get better later in the month as veteran players move up the ladder.

Oh, and take all the “all that matters is the player not the cards” comments with a large chunk of salt. Both matter, even though it’s gospel to pretend that the game is only about skill.


makes me remember the time i played against a deck that was made almost entirely of legendaries. i think there was 1 rare played by them the entire match, everything else legendary


In time you will learn how to play around, with less resources, against decks like that. But it’s not like you can’t beat them :smiley:
That’s one of the most beautiful things in Duelyst, that you don’t need OP cards to climb. But who dosen’t want them? :stuck_out_tongue:


Even if your pissed at first, you should go over the replay and see what you did wrong. A bunch of legs in the opponents deck doesn’t mean you have automatically lost. In my first month i got to rank 5 using a Magmar deck with nothing but 2 warbeasts and rares/commons (that was before taygete release). You can fight your way past all those spoiler decks if you simply play better than the other guy. Though i admit that Songhai is probably not the best faction to do that as they need a few epics to really work. (Fox and Bear seal for the most part)


Rank resets makes start of season throws matchmaking a bit. Better luck next time.

Legionaries aren’t everything though they help a bit. Good Vet decks are usually more costly and dependent on costly card (e.g. Aymara) than other factions. So don’t worry.

Some epics might be needed though. Namely Onyx Seal. Every deck needs some removal and unfortunately the one for Songhai is more costly. Removal/dispels always helps against strong cards.
If possible get Spiral. Top-decking Spiral requires a lot of skill and will help you destroy skilled players :grin:

If you want you could ask some friendly forum person to help with your deck. I’m sure someone can suggest a good budget deck.

As always remember to have fun when duelling :smile:


I get your feeling dude. It might even be me you played against.
I’m a veteran player who invested time and money in the game. I have pretty much everything I need to craft the legendaries I want for my decks and I’m playing greedy Vet atm.
The thing is, for me ( some other players may even be in the same situation), I don’t have a lot of time to play.
I stick to my spirit greedily until I find a deck I really want to try out, I don’t play much and, therefore, only do 1 to 3 games a day. Sometimes I don’t even play.
The thing is, by doing this, I never climb higher than gold every season and my ascension is really really slow.
At the start of the season, I find myself matchmade against people playing a deck the third of mine in spirit value.
Just bear in mind I take no enjoyment in playing such an unbalanced match.


W8 until you see Vanar. just standing there, spamming low cost creature with fat bodies and nice abilities, removing everything you summon and then finishing you with two 10/9 tigers.

This bloodborn spell should give just +1 attach. No health.


I know how u feel man. I’ve been playing for more than 5 season and just stuck at Silver Rank 15 only.
I’m not yet spending money for the orbs. What I do to get some good card is disenchat my other high costs from the faction I rarely use. ( don’t know if this worth doing :sweat_smile:)
It may take times to build a good deck. And of course it will improve our chances on winning.
whatever u do. Enjoy the game.
Good luck. :grinning:


I think you are just seeing a little bit of the pain of using Songhai as a newish F2P player. Mainly, Songhai is a very combo centric faction and needs a couple of rares/epics to really get going.

I am about 6 months in to the game (f2p as well) and I run a Faie Vanar deck with 2 or 3 legendaries (and I mean 3 cards not 3 sets of 3). I have struggled my way up to Diamond so I end up facing people with what feels like all legendaries. What really made the difference for me was watching “How to think like an S Rank Baddie” on the 2BrosNChill youtube. Very good insight about positioning and card play order.


No rant but meant as a help:
Especially players that are new to Duelyst are looking too much on the rarity of cards and think that Legendaries win a game. They’re wrong! They forget that Duelyst is not only a card game but a board game, too.

With a Pauper Deck for - let’s say - 2.000 spirit it should be easily possible to reach Rank 10. (I did that last season with a completely new F2P-account in less then 5 hours. That may have changed with Shimzar - I can’t evaluate this at the moment because I don’t know the new cards good enough.) But you have to be willing to “learn” the game, how it works. And that will definitively will not work only looking at rarities of cards. Rarity is secondary.

When I look at myself: I can build every S-Rank deck for 4 factions. But the difference between me and the top players is, that they can “read” matches better, know the cards better and last but not least they are positioning better on the board.
Positioning, positioning, positioning! If you don’t learn proper positioning you will never be a top player even if your deck is full of Legendaries.

Here’s a link to the video @novarails was talking about. I haven’t seen it - but I will definitively do when I’m home. It has three parts as far as I’ve seen. This is the first one:


I appreciate all the comments/suggestions.

I will be checking out that video soon.