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Taking a break right now


i know i know… just felt to let you all know i am taking november off from duelyst for now wont say why but i will be back in last 3 days in november to rank up. So for those who wanted to see me reach s rank with ziran that would have to wait until december…Have fun duelist and see you soon.


So why make the thread in the first place?


cause it might be against rules to promote another company


Hi hi.
Take a break if you want. Come back soon I guess.


Duelyst is going to be a boring place without you :frowning:


That isn’t an answer to raqyees question but to ‘why do you not mention the reason’, but its k.
That being said, its kind that you let your fans know that they will have to make due without you :slight_smile:


The world is already a boring place without him to guide us. #KevinFor2020.
In all seriousness though, every member of our small community has its importance iMO, so I guess it’s somehow true.


Tonight I ate a nice vegetable soup.


hmm how is that relevant? were you having the flu bro… hope all is well


Hey, you started it with irrelevant things, don’t blame me now.


No actual discussion to be had, locking.

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