T2k5's helper scripts


Hello guys!

My scripts stopped working. I don’t know why. I’m playing on steam. Could anyone help me pls? I use the script for exporting my deck. Thanks a lot!


Hiya mate, you have to reinstall the scripts everytime a patch hits, and the last one just happened.


Hey man! I just edited the script in my folder, but is not working. Is that what I’m supposed to do?


The trolling comment was for that other guy. :stuck_out_tongue:

collectionEnhancement.js rows 163 & 164:


It uses Font Awesome icons, so switch to another icon class or edit the whole button to have whatever else you want.


I managed to edit the two lines of code but Duelyst says file not found when trying to use getscript with the new .js on my local machine. Is there a fix for this? Pastebin doesn’t seem to work either due to Dulelyst code changing the url for some reason. Thanks again for the help! :sweat_smile:



Excellent! Thank you so much!!! I got everything working perfectly now. You’re awesome good sir.


Collection enhancements now supports http://www.bagoum.com and http://duelystcards.com deckbuilders.


Hello, I am using steam, and when I edit the js file to add the lines of code, I launch the game and none of the scripts load. When I go back and check the js file, the script code lines I entered are gone.

Do I have to make the file read only, or does this have to do with Patch 1.77?



Every time the game gets patched, you need to reapply the scripts. They’ll stay until the game is patched again.


t2k5, will you be updating the AdBlock script to get rid of the Rise of the Bloodborn ad?

Already bought it with the $20 offer, but it doesn’t go away… :frowning:


Yup, it’s now blocked. ^^


Added a collection statistics screen to Collection Enhancements now, so you can track your progress in more detailed ways. Also released a few versions of my “speedhack”.


Should shrink the space between the main-page lines a bit, the “Season Stats” button is too close to “Open Orbs”, and hovering over its center actually triggers the wrong button.


Made it shrink those and moved the orb button down a bit. It was only like that on tiny resolutions or tightest fit.


Take-away: Worth testing things in Windowed Mode, plenty of people use it :smiley:


I released it at 6AM so I didn’t bother testing it that much.


Always happy to help, since I make use of the scripts daily :slight_smile:


So can anyone help me out with installing the scripts, sorry if the instructions are somewhere but i cant seem to find it and i dont wanna download until i know how to


Click on any of the “Install instructions” buttons on my page. :upside_down: