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T2k5's helper scripts


You can scale the tracker size with A and D, so you can make any template fit. I could add support for a separate modfile at some point.


Oh god, call me stupid, I totally forgot these “scale” buttons, I had the q/e, w/s and r but forgot the a/e ones.

My bad, apologies, this solves all my problems …

And KUDOS again for those nice scripts :wink:


All have to say is you own plain and simple. The deck tracker alone is awesome, but when you add the other extras the game feels sooooo much more polished. Great community member!


Do these scripts no longer work with shim’zar?
The deck helper doesn’t, or has anything changed in including them?


Everything works just fine. If the deck tracker doesn’t work for you, see the discussions that have gone around on this thread before; it just doesn’t show up for some people.

Note that you have to reinstall the scripts after each patch, in case you haven’t done that yet.


Hey T2k5, I love your add-ons, you’re amazing.

Have you ever thought of making an emote keyboard shortcut script? i.e., crtl+j to do a default Lyonar laugh, etc.
It may, in conjunction, increase the amount of people using the auto mute script too…lol. :smirk:


Scripters! DansGame thats how they always topdeck lethal iuk i knew it. jk :dancers:


Since there are now prizes for tipping, I released my autotipper, time to make it rain! o/


what are the prizes for tipping? were they in the patch notes?


The top-5 get prizes: Double Bonus – Aug & Sep 2016 Gold Tipper Final Rankings – Duelyst


I have this problem when running the game through the script. It says my video card is not updated or something.

Game works fine on Steam, not using the script, or Chrome.


Which script are you talking about?


All scripts! However… nevermind.

The Installer used to be on my Downloads folder (since it used to work from there), I copied on the Duelyst folder and it is working normally now.


I’m new to Duelyst…well, following it for a while but startet playing just recently. Anyway, these scripts look very helpful, but are Counterplay really okay with these? Is there something of an official statement? Don’t wanna get banned ^^’


Yeah, they are okay. Scripts are okay as long as they don’t affect gameplay for your opponent(unfair advantages). If you could somehow see your opponents hand through a script than that would definitely be a bannable offense. All of these things that his scripts do are things you could do yourself, the scripts just make it easier. If you wanted to, you could have a paper next to you with your decklist and cross off each card once you drew it. Or you could just install the script for it.


How would I go about changing the cloud icons to something else for my own personal use? I can’t seem to find where the files are located in the script.


T2k5 pls can u help me I cant find the folder the installer wants, i have the game on steam so im not sure if that matters or not.


The scripts are loaded from my server every time you launch the game, you’ll have to download the source and edit it locally if you want to change them. You’ll lose automatic updating if you do so, obviously.


Not sure if trolling…


Sounds good, but I reviewed the source code on your server and can’t find part where the icons for the clouds are even being pulled from. I’m definitely not trolling and I apologize for the trouble. Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks for the fast reply.