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T2k5's helper scripts


I know.
But I can read what your script does and I don’t want to be it auto-updated by you (= give the control away). That’s nothing against you or so - it’s just for my personal feeling about using Javascripts on my computer. That should not be point of discussion here.


Yeah, doing that is entirely fine by me, just wanted to make sure there was no misinterpretation. :stuck_out_tongue:


You know what feature I would like? To be able to craft the card when not in crafting mode - like in hearthstone. When you’re not in crafting mode, you could click on the card and there would be a button to craft the card, or at least to take you to the crafting mode with that card selected. This is handy, because when you already have a card on your screen, and want to make another copy of it, you must switch into crafting mode, and find it all over again…


It’s possible to make. I’ll do it so that instead of showing you the “MAX copies added to deck” text, it’ll pop a “CRAFT” button there, if you don’t have 3x+ of the card. I’ll probably release this some time next week, since it’s likely I’ll have to make some changes post-Shimzar anyway.


I like this a lot, so thanks for doing it, but I have a bug report. I can’t actually make the deck tracker go away using your installer. If I use “Revert” all of the boxes will uncheck but the tracker will still be active, and if I exit and restart the installer the “Deck tracker” box will be checked again.

On that note, is it possible to have the deck tracker remember its size/position/theme across sessions?


I’m guessing you installed the deck tracker manually, before you started using the installer? The revert reverts to a backup the installer creates when you first run it, so it seems like this is the case. You can remove the tracker by removing that line from the bottom of your duelyst.js by hand.


Should the deck tracker show in practice matches? Presently, this doesn’t seem to work for me in either practice or ranked matches. I’d really like to get this to work. Any suggestions?


I think the “Multibuy orbs with gold”-script doesn’t work anymore. Can somebody confirm this?


Isn’t Multibuy included in the base game now?


I haven’t seen it. But it may be my fault - I had tears in my eyes because of Magmar. :weary:
Edit: I just started the game… no. I still can’t find the function to buy multiple orbs for gold.


CP actually implemented that themselves just click the buy one orb with gold and it’ll ask you how many you want to buy.


That’s it! Thanx!


Just got these scripts running. Many thanks!


It won’t work in practice mode, but looks like you’re in the unlucky group who have issues getting it to work at all. I haven’t been able to find any reason for it, it just doesn’t show up on some computers. Everything SHOULD work just fine, but it fails without any errors.


Multibuy is now natively in-game, removing that script from the list.


It did work in my gauntlet games today. I haven’t played ranked yet today, because I’m waiting for tomorrow. It wasn’t working for me in ranked the last few days that I tried though. I’l let you know if it works the next time that I played.

Is it possible to make a script that does the same thing for practice mode?


Can you use this script on chrome?


Yes, just use the devtools method in the instructions.


I’m kind of new at this so I do not know where the .counterplay folder for the chrome version is as the .counterplay folder in the users is not valid.


Look a few rows below those, the devtools instructions are below the OS-specific stuff:

Using the devtools to only load the script for a single game launch (or to execute scripts that have no loaders yet)

  1. Open the dev tools (ctrl+shift+i / cmd+opt+i in client, f12 in browser)
  2. Open the console tab, it may be hidden, click the » to find it.
  3. Click the Copy button for the script you want to use on this page
  4. Click the bottom row of the console, paste, hit enter and it should run.