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T2k5's helper scripts


There’s no need to update the installer when a script is updated. It fetches the scripts from a JSON file on my server. However, IF the installer itself is updated, I’ll announce and link it in the changelog, and you’ll just re-download it.


Patch notes: “each of
the gem shards inside the orb is colored with the rarity of the card
you’re about to get! Click or tap each to reveal the card.”

Due to that, I added a button that opens ALL your orbs with a single click to the Collection enhancements script. Orb-opening was slow enough already. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe you could implement this script into the installer? The previous challenges addon/script by PenguinToast


I could, but the script is minimized, so I’m somewhat against it even with there being a github for it. 3rd party scripts should always be in an easily readable form, in my opinion.


The scripts were supposed to work on browser too, right? I followed the instructions but when I paste the command on console I’m getting this error: “VM112:1 Uncaught TypeError: $.getScript is not a function at :1:3”, what I’m doing wrong? Anyone had the same issue?


For some reason, if you have play.duelyst.com open for a while, you start getting that error. Just reload the page and try again. They’ll work fine until you close it, but best to load them right after you open play.duelyst.com.


Collection enhancements now enables quick and easy extra card disenchanting, just click the recycle icon at the end of the card row to DE all extras for that card:


You have extra prismatic chakramm & egg morph? Wuuuut?? :smile:


I crafted 3x prismatic of both and later got them from orbs. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you T2k5, your last update is extremely helpful!


How do you define “extra card”?
In this list: Is there a way to differentiate (?) if it’s a prismatic or a “normal” card when not having both of them in the list? (If both are in the list you see it by comparing dust of course…)


“Extra” = inventory count > 3. It will only disenchant until you have 3 copies left. It shows prismatics on a purple background, normals on blue, as you can see from my sample image a few posts up.


Thanx. Sometimes it helps to open the eyes. :grimacing:


Added “Adblock” script, that only removes the Shimzar pre-order for now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Was a lot of work, but the Faction statistics script can now show season stats for all your friends:

Due to the way the game’s API works, it can only fetch 10 games per request, so it will take quite a few minutes if you want to get the stats for 50+ players at the same time. It will also delay each request increasingly depending on the player pool, so it won’t stress CP’s server-hamsters too much.

EDIT: Open the sample image in a new tab, these forums seem to cut super-tall images, so it’s only showing one third of the image on the page. :stuck_out_tongue:


Check your win-rates going first versus second everyone, some interesting numbers there!


Puh! Not shure if I like it. While it’s not super-secret information I don’t like to give away this information to others.
Sorry to say this because of the “lot of work” but I would feel better this script doesen’t exist. Just my own opinion. I’m shure it will find friends - especially in the tournament scene.


All this information is obtainable even without my script, so someone else would either make this later on, or would just secretly use stuff like this to gain an advantage. The proper route would be for CP to implement a “block profile inspection” option.


I know that you’re not hacking the game or so. That’s why I say “I would feel better”. I’m shure others will like it.
“If I wouldn’t do it someone else will.” doesen’t count for me as long as no other does it.
But, yeah, it’s ok. I just don’t like it while I love your other scripts. I have an older version of it on my own serverspace (to have control of what happens in the script) that I use without the new functions. So it doesn’t hurt me.


Using an older script yourself does nothing for this. It can pull data from all friends, regardless of them using my scripts or not.