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T2k5's helper scripts


This has been in the instructions since launch. It’s coming, just not until everything about your own deck is done.

UPDATE: Deck Tracker now shows on all resolutions, is re-scalable with a and d keys, movable with mouse (click on the game board to focus, then move mouse wherever and press r), and you can adjust opacity with w and s. L’Kian etc. also work now.


Hey man first of all thank you for all the amazing work that you’ve done so far, all of your stuff is great :heart:

I’m having some trouble with the deck tracker, I can’t get it to show. Do I need to do press a specific key to make it show or is my resolution (1366x768) not supported?


It doesn’t care about resolutions, but a few others have reported similar weirdness. I haven’t been able to find a solution yet, but I’ll keep looking.


It doesn’t show up in Practice matches for me, but it does on Ladder. Did you try it on Ladder? Also try not using Windowed mode. And did you set your port to Pixel Perfect, then closed the game and restarted?


Yeah, practice mode works differently, and it doesn’t really matter, so I didn’t add support for that.


I tried in ladder, practice and friendly and it didn’t show in any of them. Also my client doesn’t give me the option to set pixel perfect :disappointed:


Hi T2K5

Your scripts are amazing, they vastly improve the vanilla game, and I want to say thank you for your incredible work!

Would you be willing to add the “Old Rarity Icon” fix to your list of scripts on the script installer?
I have already applied the fix described in this reddit post, but it would be very convenient to add to the installer as well! https://www.reddit.com/r/duelyst/comments/4v9bsz/this_patch_switched_my_rarity_icon_back_to_the/

Thank you, people like you make the world a better place.


Thanks, and you’re welcome!

The installer isn’t currently able to modify any other files, so support for that will have to be added. It’s definitely doable, and some other scripts would also benefit from it, so this feature might be added later on.


Tracker updated, added a simple template engine, so people can start making their own themes for it. Also added 4 themes as a sample. Scroll through them with q and e. Instructions to creating templates can be found on my scriptlist page.


Found out that you can re-enable Sandbox mode, so I made a script for it.



Seriously this is like I know how to breathe again.


What is a “sandbox” mode in terms of duelyst? :smirk:


You play as both players, and can choose decks for both of them. This was shown in the gamemode list before, but was removed. The mode itself wasn’t removed, so it was easy to bring it back.


So Duelyst Hotseat is possible even if it makes not a big sense… it’s more for testing purposes, right?


It’s extremely useful for testing out decks and different matchups.


Could someone from CP tell why this mode was removed in the first place, and especially, why bother taking it out if it’s still there and there were several people asking for it to come back? Great sandbox is back this way, thanks :slight_smile:


Added season statistics to ‘Faction statistics’, mainly to help people see how many S-Rank games they’ve played so far in the current season.


man, you da real MVP!


That feel when T2k5 is slowly releasing the actual Shimzar expansion.


How do I update the installer?