T2k5's helper scripts


It’s possible I returned immediately, and then closed it again, but can’t check now. Will check next time I open orbs, and will resist the temptation to open more just to test :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not sure if it is a bug in Duelyst or in the ‘multiple orb script’, but there is a text tag floating in the left side of the screen when I go to the armory and buy multiple orbs through the script there. Half of the text tag is in the ‘selection layout’ (orbs, emotes, icons, skins, bundles) and the other half is ‘out of the screen’. It tries to tell something about the orb-buying.


Could be because you didn’t buy the one-time $10 deal? Because it’d make sense, as the extra box the script adds more or less takes the space cleared by that one, hm.


I did indeed not buy the 10 dollar deal.


Yeah, that’s because my script hides the 1 orb option if you have the 10 dollar deal available, which breaks the annoying floater. Gotta fix that at some point. :stuck_out_tongue:


Added full collection CSV export to Collection enhancements, so you can click the “CSV” button in your Collection screen to copy it to clipboard, then just paste into Excel, OpenOffice etc. and share. Helps when you’re requesting deckbuilding suggestions, so people don’t have to ask “Do you have 3x Serpenti?” all the time.


When it should be pretty obvious I have three Serpenti, tbh.

Thank you for the amazing and constant work man <3


Orbs first drop 3 Serpenti then start giving other cards. Want to make sure everyone starts from an even playing field. :stuck_out_tongue:


@finenerds made a script installer for my stuff! This is amazing, get it here.


Kudos to him <3
When downloading, the installer triggers the hell out of windows firewall (win10 here).


Of course, since it requires access to my servers. It pulls the scripts from there on each launch, so the list stays updated. Just allow access and it’ll work fine.


Awsome man! Thanks for the Launcher!

1386 Magmar games and won roughly half of them XD


Little question…

Coud you add general stats to? So everything added up? (i am sorry when i overlooked something or just didt see the comments that it is in the workings)


Those are shown in the devtools console, since there isn’t room on the stats page, unless I make tabs later. ctrl+shift+i (cmd+opt+i) in client, or f12 in browser. Then go to the console tab, which may be hidden under the >>, then just open the stats and it’ll post them.


As a fellow programmer, I would find the source code of the scripts quite interesting, did you think about sharing it on github or something?


All of them are plain Javascript, just open the .js files. The statscript is horrible code, since I made it in a hurry as a proof of concept, the collectionEnhancements script would probably be the most comfortable place to start at. :stuck_out_tongue:


Initial version of my deck tracker is now released! Only shows on pixel perfect for now, move with arrow keys. Gotta sleep, so the release is a bit rushed, it will be updated a lot in the next couple of days.


I love your fantastic work, dude!
Unfortunately I can’t use the deck tracker as it is now because moving does not work and the list is so big that I can’t see my General, BBS timer and Mana when I use it. Can’t wait for other releases of it.
Again: There are no proper words for what you’re doing here! That’s just… great!
Edit: My resolution is 1920x1200.


You have to click the game board, then use arrow keys to move. Scaling and opacity settings will be in the next patch.


I know it’s way too soon to bring something up like this, but I’d love it if (eventually) you would include a tracker that simply shows all the cards the opponent has played so far. I always count the Makantor for example, and having a tracker would save me a lot of head space. I don’t know if it’s a simple thing to implement, but I thought I’d mention it as food for thought at least. Loving the new installer btw.