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T2k5's helper scripts


You need to reinstall them after every patch, actually.


You have had to do it for all patches, always; you’re misremembering. Patches remove the whole versioned folder.


Well that’s awkward. I swear there has at least been one patch where I was pleasantly surprised it still worked…I definitely don’t recall having to dig through the Package Contents again to install it.

Maybe it was just a while before I thought to look at my stats again? Weird.


Is the hide card back animation script broken for anybody else since the last update? I can’t seem to get it working no matter what.


Good catch, they changed how it works. I’ll see if it can be fixed.


Fixed the code, they only renamed it. I also made it shorten the opponent’s played card display to 1 second, so it’s not as annoying.


Cheers, mate. Really appreciate your work. I wish the devs would have listened and removed the animations or reworked it because nobody really seems to like the card backs.

Keep up the good work!


Orb opening statistics added to the Collection enhancements script!


Best script ever! :joy:


For me that script refreshed stats itself after I’ve left orb screen. Is it intended so?


You mean when you left it and then returned to it? It retains the stats until you close the game, unless you press the “Reset orb stats” button at the bottom-right.


Hmm, no, I just left orb opening screen and then returned to it


Just to make sure we are both understanding “refreshed” the same way, you mean it showed you the statistics when you reopened the orb screen, and the values from your orb opening session were restored? If so, it’s working as it should. If, instead, it showed everything as 0 when you returned, something went wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I do know is that the stats have to be reset if you open orbs, then go disenchant or craft stuff, and return to opening orbs, since it can’t track whatever happened there, and the stats will display wrong. Will fix this part soon.


Nope, we are not understanding each other :stuck_out_tongue:
From the beginning. I’ve had one pack to open. I’ve gone to Orbs, opened it, statistics updated (it was the only orb I opened in that session, then I’ve disenchanted stuff and went to Orbs screen again. So, second part of your answer is what happened to me :smile:


Ok, so just press the “Reset orb stats” button when you do that. :stuck_out_tongue:


You da real… MVP

In all seriousness though, this is great work. While some of the stats you can pull through are kinda superfluous, albeit interesting, don’t you think that fact that some of these are so useful actually highlights a greater problem with the Duelyst UI?

I’m not trying to downplay what you’ve done here, I think it’s really awesome, but I believe it shouldn’t be down to community-made scripts or utilities to pull some of this data into the front-end. I know that may sound a bit lazy, but I’d love to know what you think.


Most likely CP simply hasn’t priorized showing the statistics, because it really isn’t the most important feature. If you have a small developer team and a huge list of tasks to do, you can’t assign resources everywhere.

I do think that at least the stuff I’ve done in “Friend utilities”, “Multibuy orbs with gold” and “UI Helpers” should be part of the vanilla game, because even when you just tack them onto the game with 3rd party scripts, they’re just a few lines of code.


Yeah, for sure. I don’t know anything about CP’s workflow, but as you said; minimum viable. They’re useful but not showstoppingly important and even thought it’s out of Beta, it’s still a very new game in the grand scheme of things.

If anything, you can claim that you were the inspiration for those changes when they’re finally implemented in the client. I’ll be an advocate for getting a plaque with your name attached to a framed print of that release card in the CP office. :slight_smile:


I remembered this discussion, so yesterday I installed the bundle for the first time instead of script by script, and after opening 15 orbs, left the orb-opening window, opened the armory, returned to the orb-opening window, and it had reset itself, without me going through the collection window. I think I went through the armory again, but it is possible I just left the orb-opening window and returned to it.


Did you wait a bit after you returned to the orb opening window? The stats refresh on a timer, so it will show zeroes for 3 seconds when you enter. I haven’t been able to get mine to reset without user action even after keeping the client on for over 6 hours, and there shouldn’t be any way for it to reset without the script doing it.