T2k5's helper scripts


I have both steam and launcher version on a macbook pro but since newer OS I haven’t managed to be able to put your amazing scripts into either :sob:. If you could possibly update how to add them to macs that would be amazing.


I don’t use OSX, so I have no idea how much things have changed. You should still be able to use the devtools method, though.


I couldn’t sleep, and was a bit bored, so I fixed the decktracker! :smiley:

I removed the local file saving capabilities, since those don’t work anymore, so you’ll have to re-configure it every time you launch, unless you override the config on load, or make a custom template.

(And yeah, the good old BBS-as-a-card bug is still there, I never fixed that one because the whole tracker broke in the Bamco patch) EDIT: Finally fixed this too!


omg u are my hero tee too


Reconfiguring it isn’t too hard and doesn’t take long, so that’s totally fine with me. Thanks a lot! Now I know what I am running in all these decks :smiley:


Added a product of extreme boredom to the UIHelpers mod (it’s in the bundle):

If you’ve set a deck color to a deck, it’ll use that color for the actual deck name in the deck selection, but on top of that, I added support for fully custom deck coloring, styling and sizing. Since the only place to store this information is the actual deck name, and deck names are limited to 21 characters, you’ll have to keep your names short if you want to customize them. This should help your active laddering decks stand out a bit more if you’ve got hundreds of decks and the game’s deck sorting goes haywire.

The syntax is simple:

Write your deck name as you normally would, then add § to the end of it to 
set custom data after.


Color has to be in hex form (000000 to FFFFFF);

Supported effects: 
s = strikethrough
i = italic
u = underline

Font size is capped to 300%, because past that point it starts to break 
the layout too much, set to 0 to make the deckname invisible.

Color can be omitted, but you´ll still have to add the ";" since valid data 
for it could be misinterpreted as font size data otherwise.

Effect can also be completely omitted, no need for ";" if you want to add a 
font size.

Examples from the screenshot:

Also, for a resized deck with default coloring and styling: DECKNAME§;200


You are awesome, question, do you code this or build onto the duelyst core data files? If so what languages do you use?


The game’s HTML5+JS, so I don’t have to edit the actual source at all, other than people adding the script loaders to install the mods. My mods are all Javascript, check the instructions and mod list at https://duelyststats.info to get a better idea of what’s going on.


Thank you so much good sir! I am a web developer myself, so I might get my hand dirty. Appreciate your time


That’s a nice addition! :smiley:


@t2k5 With the caster sync feature, it seems that one player never gets past the mulligan, if real time is enabled. idk if this has already been reported. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


I haven’t really touched that script since it was released, so it’s possible something’s changed too much for it to work. I’ll check it at some point.


Hello t2k5. Thanks a lot for your scripts, they’re super useful to me. :+1:

I have a javascript snippet for automatically clicking on some confirmation dialogs of the game, and clicking OK on the disenchanting info box telling you how much spirit you just gained.
The UI is 10 times less annoying to me now. Do you want to publish it on your repository with the rest of your scripts? Cheers!