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T2k5's helper scripts


Maybe you could explain which OS and which client (web, Steam, standalone) ?


desktop client


Considering it’s duelyst.js file you’re supposed to modify, better search for this.
In my case, duelyst.js file is located in :

D:\Program Files (x86)\Duelyst\resources\app\src

@t2k5 may want to modify his Installation Instructions for windows on his site, as it changed with BNEA partnership.


thanks for that


is there was way to change the sizing and positioning of the gauntlet helper and tracker on the screen? mine is overlapping the left hand card selection almost completely and doesn’t show the rarity or type parts of the gauntlet helper. feel like this is something that’s been answered before, but i cant find anything anywhere.


Hey, I need help, I dont find the Loader anywhere. I dissabled Adblocker and still nothing.
A little tip here?
Thanks in advance.


As far as I know T2k5 took the loader down because it produced a lot of problems.

But just copy the lines you want manually to the file. The page describes it very well.


Done that and worked.
With this new patch everything get reseted, now, there is no more lines, all the data in line 1.


After every patch you have to do it again. I just copied all the lines I want in a .txt file and after every patch I open that and copy these lines into the game’s file.


I did, in separate lines, but old lines got in line 1 (using notepad++), I guess I will try again


T2k5 answers usually pretty quickly on Discord.


thanks :slight_smile:


Scripts seems to not be working in 1.91.
At least Timer and Speed Hack.


Added a deck search to the collection enhancements mod. Free text search from deck and faction names, separate search terms with spaces.


Good job :slight_smile:


Wait, but do I see a deck named Phasehorn? Is it what I think it is?


He’s just going through an emo phase right now and needs some love and support instead of all this nerf talk. I’m sure Kevin will stop wearing blue and black clothing as well as naming himself emo band names soon.


I found a flaw in the orb stats screen

The ledger shows a legend, even tho no orbs were legendary. Only 3 orbs shows up in the ledger. @t2k5


That’s why the reset button is there. If you craft stuff or receive gauntlet rewards after you’ve visited the orb screen, those changes will be visible on the tracker, because it compares the state of your entire collection from when you first entered the orb screen (or hit reset) to when the tracker refreshes.


But, I just opened the orb & that’s what popped up on the ledger after opening it.
It doesn’t make sense to me.