T2k5's helper scripts


No, these are my relaxation project for fun, so I prefer doing things alone.


well, what about updating the codex?


After today’s patch. :stuck_out_tongue:


Added Rift support to the Faction Statistics and updated codex/card lore.


How to install these scripts for the macOS client?


Gauntlet logger released! It shows you the total statistics of all the card options you’ve been given, and also sends them to my server, so we can datamine card rarities and the faction/neutral split etc.

Script: https://duelyststats.info/scripts/scriptlist.html#scriptlist-gauntlet-logger
Compiled data: https://duelyststats.info/scripts/gauntlet/index.html

Sample of how it looks in-game:


You are awesome, as always. Great tool!


Gauntlet logger updated to also log orbs, so we can datamine the droprates for Unearthed Prophecy (and all other sets) easily. If you want to help with the datamining, make sure to install the logger after the expansion is patched in.

Script: https://duelyststats.info/scripts/scriptlist.html#scriptlist-gauntlet-logger
Compiled data: https://duelyststats.info/scripts/orbs/index.html


Looks like you’ll have to update the script installer for the new Bandai client.


Is there a way to see ingame if the script is running or not?
I’ll open a buch of Orbs this evening and would like to go for shure before beginning…


No, I dropped the installer completely now, since FineNerds left it bugged and without Steam support when he went MIA. The new launcher is similar to Steam in that it will no longer work with the installer, so just install manually from now on.


If you have the devtools console open, you’ll see messages from the logger when you open an orb.


That’s what I did. :call_me_hand::v:


I’m trying to insert the scripts into duelyst.js myself, but I’m afraid that I can’t figure out how to get any of the scripts to work without the script installer. =\

I have no idea what the “loader” is, the instructions on some scripts seem to imply that the loaders are something different than copying+pasting something in at the end, but it was never elaborated on in any way so copying+pasting is all I did. Didn’t work.

Meanwhile for the scripts that don’t have loaders (actually the ones I care about more, I miss sandbox mode T_T) I copy + paste in duelyst.js (yes, the 5 mb one) at the very end of the file and nothing changes whatsoever.

Oh wait, after waiting a few minutes and reloading things a couple times sandbox mode finally popped up after I loaded it through the console. I guess that’s working, at least.

I’d rather not open devtools every time I start the game, but loading through the console doesn’t seem to have any effect either.


ALL of the $.getScript loaders are just copy-pasted to the end of duelyst.js. You most likely forgot to save the file after adding them there, or you’re not editing the correct file (and note that you need to restart Duelyst if you had it running).

The decktracker doesn’t work with the new launcher yet, but everything else works fine. Fixing the tracker next week.

For example, here’s how the end of my duelyst.js looks:


Here is a copy of the end of my duelyst.js file. I did save, it is in the correct folder, I restarted duelyst every time I changed something, and all these lines were added after line 252, which is the last line of the unedited duelyst.js file. Unless there is some other duelyst.js file in that folder (duelyst/resources/app/src) that is > 5 mb with code 252 lines long, I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

.getScript('https://duelyststats.info/scripts/adblock.js', function(){}); .getScript(‘https://duelyststats.info/scripts/hideCrateNotification.js’, function(){});

setTimeout(function(){SDK.PlayModeFactory.playModes.sandbox.isHiddenInUI = false;},5000);

.getScript('https://duelyststats.info/scripts/speedhack.js', function(){}); .getScript(‘https://duelyststats.info/scripts/UIHelper.js’, function(){var UIHelperMod = new UIHelperModule();});
.getScript('https://duelyststats.info/scripts/rememberChat.js', function(){}); .getScript(‘https://duelyststats.info/scripts/newstatscript.js’, function(){});


There can be THREE different duelyst.js files on your computer. One for the old and now defunct .counterplay folder, then for the new launcher and Steam. Make sure you’re editing the correct one.


Oh, I figured it out. When I first installed the new launcher it installed to the wrong folder so I just moved everything. Then duelyst went and reinstalled itself to the old folder and is using all the files from there rather than anything from where I’m editing. >.<

Thank you for your help and patience T2k.


errr…maybe the guantlet stat show is way too large…


cannot find .Counterplay anywhere, that’s how far I got even when using the research option.