T2k5's helper scripts


I now installed the faction statistics script for the first time after the “wipe”. But - surprise - all my data seems to be there. How is this possible?
No wipe? New script?
Incorrect data shown?
I’m confused!


Your match history was wiped, so you lost the stuff you see in your SEASON STATS, the other STATS are still there.


Ah, ok. This makes sense. I don’t look into the Season Stats so I didn’t recognize it.


Are you the one we need to thank for some UI upgrades I just happily discovered ?!

  • colored deck label
  • chat bubble popup when someone send you a message

… or maybe I’m late/unaware and it’s here for a long time ?


… p sure that’s been in the game since beta at least :slight_smile:

Idk about the deck labels, I’m using the scripts and I haven’t seen that before


Errr … I’m not an old player, but still in for 8/9 months now and I’m sure I’ve never seen colored labels in ladder.
I’ve always picked a color in deckbuilding, but labels always been grey/whitish to me since today.
I even added it to UI upgrade compilation thread :confused:

Also, if you check this thread here (about deck names) :

You will see several other people are posting screenshots of decklists and 1 month ago, it was grey … even if a color is associated in the deck builder.

I’m pretty sure it’s new.


Yeah, I added those today, because I started to get bored of the colors not really doing anything noticeable. :stuck_out_tongue:

(And the bubbles have been in-game basically forever.)


Read my whole reply, I was referring to chat bubbles. I had to edit in that last part because I realized I was unclear :slight_smile:


Ok … man, I love you :heart_decoration:


The decktracker now saves your configuration locally on Steam and the original client. I expect this to not work on some machines, and it’s entirely untested on OSX atm, so report to me if you have issues.


teach me how to use this pls ; - ; i’m on steam

everytime i checked the site i simply don’t understand.


Have you read the install instructions on my site? I can’t really put it much clearer than that. You edit duelyst.js and copypaste the loader lines you want from my site to the very end of that file.


.counterplay don’t exist in the folder that you said.


Read the STEAM instructions! .counterplay is for the original client.


OH LUL these buttons man i really can’t find them, now i see it.


OMFG, that was the only last little issue I had with these scripts, having to re-position deck tracker after client start and it’s fixed.
Marry me :wink:


Since we now have API access to the S-Rank ladder, I added a small script for checking that in-game into the script bundle:


wats all this written in?


Duelyst is all HTML5 + Javascript; it’s a browser game.


@t2k5 any chance the source for these are in github somewhere, so others might contribute to this effort? I don’t see any mention of that here or on duelyststats.info. I’d love to help tune things up.