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T2k5's helper scripts


Added more detailed stats to prepare for some “orbs to full collection” calculations.


What does the ‘speedhack’ do?


Exactly what it says on the page: “Speeds up movement animations etc, to make turns clearer. Doesn’t affect delays caused by attacking or eggs spawning, those require more extensive tampering with the game. The normal version keeps some speed scaling depending on animation type, the insane version makes EVERYTHING as fast as possible.”

Basically, it alters multiple CONFIG values for the game, that set different animation speeds and durations.


What are the 19 skins counted in the Collection statistics? Mk2 for 12 generals, Sarlac, Spelljammer, Sabrespine, Snowchaser and ???


Rogue Legacy Argeon, Dogehai, Keeper of Value.


Many thanks for your great work! :slight_smile:

Tested the full turn time, however I prefer the old-style one, can you pls show me how to get the beep sfx back?


Due to CP fixing certain bugs, the mid-month patch will completely wipe your match history. I added a tool to my Faction Statistics script so you can save your history to a file. I’ll make a way to parse these dumps into a human-readable form later.


Currently “stuck” (or at least waiting for long time) with this screen :

Few questions :
Should I wait ? or restart client ?
Is it safe to switch screen (and play for instance) or is it safer to wait ?
What am I supposed to get, a prompt to save a file somewhere ?

Thanks for your work good Sir.

I hope I’ll get an answer soon because my Duelyst is locked and waiting right now, I don’t want to mess with backup :stuck_out_tongue:

Side note : standalone client, Windows, scripts installed with FineNerd tool.


I guess it crashed for you, because it will show what page it’s on when it works. Seems like the rate limit on the requests varies, because it works fine for me with a 310ms delay per request. I’ll increase the delay to 420ms now, restart Duelyst and report back when you try again.

EDIT: There was an error if you didn’t have games of all types, fixed now.


So far so good, I see something moving ! :wink:

Counter is at 100ish pages and increasing, I let it run quietly, will check back in 10mins and report.


Edit : file saved, it worked ! Got a nice 3Mb json file :wink:


The popup was there before too, it just didn’t show up for you because you crashed before that. :smiley:


I want to save my statistics via chrome browser. The statistics window opens but in the upper right I get this message:

There’s no button to save my data - or I can’t find it… any advices?

OK - forget everything I said. I have to click the greyed button - tricky! ^^


A small 1px grey outline would give it more sense to be recognized as a button :wink:


It’s the default bootstrap button, the same the game uses in some places and what’s been used in my other stuff too. Also, this thing was done in 1½ hours right after I heard the wipe would happen, and there are no other elements in that thing you’d intuitively click on, so maybe I just didn’t care that much about how it looks, when it’s already about as clear as you can make it, especially when you consider the button lights up when you hover it. :upside_down:


Don’t mind us, it’s was just a small input, we all praise your goddamn efficiency ! :pray:


I second that! Be blessed by Makantor Jesus, t2k5!


Yeah, and by real gods too :wink:


Makantor Jesus is real! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In the script installer, you have this link to the empty .mp3 file for the full turn time. Just wanted to let you know that link doesn’t work anymore (refers you to a web page with an error).


Yeah, forgot to change that link to the m4a, since CP changed formats earlier. Fixed now.