T2k5's helper scripts


Most of you probably know of these already, but I thought I’d make an “official” thread for my scripts and utilities here, so you can see when something is added/updated. Bug reports, feedback and requests for new utilities are always welcome!

Script list and instructions here

Currently working on:

  • Played cards tracker

  • Stat logger with customizable graphs of everything the game tracks. This is a major project, so I’ll release a minimum viable version as soon as it’s polished enough.

  • Smart disenchanting of extras to the Collection enhancement script. Need to resolve one bug and add support for prismatics. Lists all extra cards and allows you to DE what you want with one click; I will also add a “disenchant extras until target spirit value is reached” feature later.

2018-03-17: Added support for custom deck name styling to the UIHelpers.
2018-03-14: Fixed decktracker.
2018-03-05: Added deck search to Collection Enhancements.
2017-07-09: Gauntlet logger also logs orbs now.
2017-06-02: Gauntlet logger released.
2017-04-28: Added Rift support to Faction Statistics.
2017-03-07: S-Rank Ladder script released and added to bundle.
2017-02-08: DeckTracker now saves your config locally.
2017-01-16: Added a temporary tool for saving your match history to a file.
2017-01-08: Added collection statistics to Collection Enhancements, Speedhack released.
2016-11-27: Added import / export support to Bagoum and Duelystcards deckbuilders.
2016-10-04: Autotipper released.
2016-09-01: Added Card data API and my own decklist import / export page that will always have up-to-date card data.
2016-08-21: ‘Faction statistics’ can now show season ranked statistics for all friends.
2016-08-18: Added ‘Adblock’ script.
2016-08-16: ‘Collection enhancements’ now has a button for opening ALL spirit orbs with a single click and allows easy disenchanting of extra cards.
2016-08-15: ‘Faction statistics’ now also shows season ranked statistics.
2016-08-10: Added ‘Enable Sandbox mode’ script.
2016-08-09: Deck Tracker now supports custom themes, added attackX, lifeX, manaX, extracards and missing to searchable collection terms for the Collection enhancements script.
2016-08-08: Deck Tracker released.
2016-08-07: Duelyst Script Installer made by @finenerds launched.
2016-08-05: Collection enhancements now includes CSV export.
2016-08-01: Collection enhancements now includes orb statistics.
2016-07-30: DuelystDB importer will now pick prismatics first, if you have them.
2016-07-29: Added “Show full turn timer” and “Disable card backs”. DuelystDB importer will now pick MK2 generals, if you have them.
2016-07-26: Added “UI Helpers” script, included in bundle.
2016-07-25: Added “Hide unopened crates notification” and “Caster replay sync” scripts.

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These are so helpful. Can never thank you enuf <3


This is amazing. Thank you for the hard work!



If a deck name is longer than 15 characters, the upload icon pushes the units/spells/artifacts line to an illegible position.


Thanks for all the hard work man!


Thanks for the report, fixed now! The exact amount of letters that breaks it depends on your resolution, so it never happened on my home PC, breaks at 18 letters on my laptop.


Will be on the lookout!

Thanks for the quick fix :>


The unopened crate count at the main screen seemed to annoy people, so I made a script to hide it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Added Caster replay sync -script, which, as the name implies, adds a SYNC -button to your replays. Click it on both clients and wait for the timer to run out, and it will start both replays in near-perfect sync (~20 millisecond accuracy).


Added UI Helpers, which only shows your rank chevrons in the profile summary page for now. Adding more functionality when suitable. This is included in the bundle.


It would be cool to set a reset point, not for match stats, but for orbs opening only. I’m pretty sure drop rates were updated several times and compiling all rates since the beginning of times doesn’t make sense in this case.


It’s definitely possible to save your collection status, but there’s no way to only see which cards dropped from orbs, so if you craft or get rewarded cards, you’d have to note those manually.


Ok, thanks! Just wondering if we could head this way :>


Was looking into something else, and ended up finding how to show you the turn timer from the full 90 seconds, and how to PROPERLY disable card back animations. Instructions added to the scriptlist.


Is there any compatibility with the steam version?
I wouldn’t think so but just checking.


Everything works on Steam exactly the same way too, you just have to edit the Steam version’s duelyst.js. I haven’t made instructions yet, since it’s still in Beta, but I guess I’ll make them now.

  • Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files
  • Edit resources/app/src/duelyst.js

Note that the Steam version is getting updated all the time, so you’ll have to re-apply every time they update.


Sweet, cause lack of the scripts was a big reason to not play on Steam. The other is the full screen only :< But finally proper card-back disabling? So excited.

BTW, can I create a “Stat-reset” point for faction stats, then undo it? So each month I could see how I did that month, or from mid-month/Diamond, then see the entire thing again?


To undo the stat-reset, just remove the statReset -line you added to duelyst.js. If you save all those lines into some other file (don’t save it in your duelyst folder, since that gets removed every patch!), you can switch them when you want to compare a specific timeline.


Made a quick change to the DuelystDB importer, so it will auto-pick MK2 generals if you have them available. This way you can quickly convert your decks to use MK2 generals without re-making from scratch!


Just as a heads-up, the most recent patch required me to reinstall the scripts, I haven’t had to do that for previous patches.

I love these scripts, great work and thanks a lot! Been using them ever since you first posted the stats script on Reddit.