T2K5 - Orb logger script


@t2k5: Is your Orb logger script ready for collecting data for Immortal Vanguard Orbs?

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about:


I’ve flicked him a message, and it will log the data no matter what expansion, it just might take a while for him to display it on the site (the data will still be logged no matter what)


Yup, the logger itself is essentially completely future-proof, assuming they don’t rework how their API functions. Only the stat display page has to be edited post-patch.


Hmmm… something changed - it seems.

Here the (usual) lines I add to my duelyst.js:

$.getScript('https://duelyststats.info/scripts/newstatscript.js', function(){}); $.getScript('https://duelyststats.info/scripts/collectionEnhancement.js', function(){var collectionMod = new CollectionEnhancementModule();}); $.getScript('https://duelyststats.info/scripts/hideCrateNotification.js', function(){}); $.getScript('https://duelyststats.info/scripts/ladder.js', function(){}); $.getScript('https://duelyststats.info/scripts/gauntletLogger.js', function(){});

(Looks a bit broken here in the forum but in reality it’s clean 5 lines. It always worked fine for over one year. Want to say: I have no problems editing the file properly.)

And that’s how it looks:



They changed how the card collection works, so everything depending on the collection is broken now. The logger works fine.


Stats are up and running now. https://duelyststats.info/scripts/orbs/index.html

(May require CTRL+F5 to clear your cache if you loaded the stat display before I updated it.)


Thanx for the work!


Should have looked here first before I gave up on the (collection) script and opened all my orbs. :frowning:


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