T.l.M.E. T.O. C.R.A.C.K. S.l.L.V.E.R


Someone Is Loudly Vomiting in the Emergency Room.


HA! I beat Forums at its own game!


Stop Implying im Literally Eyeballing it, Ryv.


S.ubtlety I.s L.iterally V.ery E.asily R.emedied


I took a quick gander through the code to look for an “in” programming joke. Did not notice anything with a quick skim. Silver is just named silver mech.

Next step is to find/make something that will generate a list of all possible acronyms, and add all team member names as well as words in duelyst as possibilities to the pool. While this will be thousands upon thousands of answers, one should be correct forcing Ryvs hand to tell us which one. Unless this is not even using real words at which point it is actually impossible, short of using one of the infinite thought projects like letting Pi code things.


do it, u won’t :stuck_out_tongue:


S- Surely
L - Will
V- always
E- Be the
R- Best girl


Tell it true:

Is it possible for us to guess this?


Anything is possible if you believe in yourselves, but considering I’ve already said its an in joke, its incredibly unlikely anyone would guess it.




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