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Sworn sister vs. Spelljammer

Hi guys how’s it going. today i have a pretty simple question, which decks do you prefer sworn sister to spelljammer for card draw? is it mostly spelljammer for aggro, or do you like L’kian in just particular factions? i just got my sworn sister, so unsure where to fit her in. I suppose i could just got swapping her for spelljammer, but I’d like to hear some people’s thoughts on how they’d choose between the two.

Spelljammer has more stats and draws you cards from your deck with a setback of allowing your opponent to keep it alive and benefit from the draw as well, while Sworn Sister has much less stat for a 4drop, it creates cards from your faction to action bars, faster than spelljammer and usable immediately, however it is very random and some factions can’t use it well (mainly Abyssian), or there are some cards that are utter garbage on that faction.

I know all of that, i just wanted to hear other people’s thought process on how they’d choose between the two. i understand fully what they do, more wanted to hear which factions etc people find sworn sister more usable in.

For that, I’d say sworn sister is used more in Lyonar (Primarily Zir, but Argeon is fine), Vetruvian and maybe Vanar. I’ve seen it on Magmar as well, although very rare.

sister can work in lyonar, but trinity oath is just so much better
spelljammer is a go to for songhai, but sister works in some decks
magmar had tectonic spikes and starhorn, but its really a preference for which one you use (both jammer and sister are fine)
abyssian can use jammer for aggro decks, but sister is considered bad since there are cards that have no overlap between the distinct deck types (like bloody baronette or ghost azaleas)
vanar works with either of them
vetruvian has the same problem as abyss, though to a far lesser extent. sister can be used, especially in budget decks, but can get by with the various in faction cantrips .

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I’d go Sister over Oath for Tempo though.

You bascially gave yourself the answer already. Spelljammer is a bigger body and the cards you get aren’t as random but he gives your opponent cards as well. In terms of deckbuilding that means you have to meet either of 2 conditions to make Jammer the better choice.

  1. Your an aggro deck that either wins by 7 mana or has lost the game anyway. In this case you rely on developing your board faster than your opponent can respond giving you enough time to kill him before can utilize the extra cards you gave him.

  2. You are confident that your cards bring more value to the table than the cards of your opponent on average. So even if you give him extra cards, you still win the value battle. An example for that would be Midrange Magmar where between Ragebinder, Memekantor und Lavaslasher you have incredible value potential. And in cases where you would lose the value battle, like against arcanyst, you still have the option to go back to condition 1 and just rush them down.

In all other cases you might want to consider Lkian over Jammer. Personally i’ve used Lkian in almost all my Decks about half a year back. But by now pretty much all the factions have faction card draw thats more efficient. Trinity Oath, Circulus and Rites are better choices for the respective factions in decks that don’t want to play Jammer. In Magmar and Songhai you will literally always go for Jammer or Spikes and Vet, if they play any dedicated draw at all, will also prefer Jammer.

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Depends on the faction and game plan for me. If I’m wanting a particular card/combo to win the game then I prefer Spelljammer for more card draw and thinning out my own deck for when I want to replace. Aggro decks I usually perfer Spelljammer as well to help keep my hand full, although depending how low my mana curve is, sometimes I have 3 copies of both Spelljammer and L’kian like in my Zoo Abyssian. If I got a hybrid style deck or something that doesn’t have a certain way to win a game besides of just outplaying/outpositioning then I use L’Kian to allow for more options to come through and surprise the opponent.

You also have to remember spell jammer is a constant threart that has immediate value. It can be buffed and if it’s dispelled you still got 2 cards for free. It usually dies on ur opponents turn so that’s w cards the will missing out on.

Not a fan of sworn it’s 2 random too broad imo

It really depends on your faction and play style. You may want to play Spelljammer in these cases:

  1. you are going to get better value than your opponent on average
  2. you don’t care about giving cards to your opponent

I really liked L’kian in factions with strong synergies, like Vanar and Songhai. If they draw you spells, it is good enough. However, nowadays there are better drawing options in general. Here are my personal favorites per faction:

  • Lyonar: trinity oath
  • Vetruvian: first wish
  • Abyssian: Spelljammer
  • Songhai: Sojourner or Spelljammer
  • Magmar: tectonic spikes
  • Vanar: I guess you have seen it on ladder

Spelljammer all the way. Its a large body that your opponent has to deal with. Sure there’s a symmetrical draw, but they don’t get the draw until the end of their next turn, which effectively gives you two cards up for one turn. That said, it really sucks to use spelljammer against song

In looking at the downsides for both cards i think it helps you make a decision which one to use in your decks


Symmetrical draw -means that you fuel the other player and sometimes opponent’s deck is better with Spelljammer than your deck

No off switch -because spelljammer keeps working every turn if your card management is poor or you have weird hand you can overdraw and mill a card

Sworn Sister

Real card advantage BUT -Sworn Sister gives you card advantage but it is not cards from your deck so it might be something that you don’t need or a bad card.

Bad Cards-Some factions have tons of bad cards or very situational spells and artifacts.Vet is a good example Stone to Spears,Imperial Mechanyst, Whispers of the Sands, Third Wish, Fountain of Youth,Aurora Tears .Yes get the option of replacing them but they dilute your deck and cards aren’t general helpful to your deck.

I personally tend to lean towards Spelljammer because I tend to build decks for specific purpose and in most case cards from my deck will always be better than random cards.Now there is a case for Lkian in certain decks remember it gives actually card advantage in game that has only few cards like Trinity Oath,Rite of the Undervault,etc.

For Sworn Sister to work imo you need a deck that curves good and doesn’t really need card draw in a faction that has high value cards with few bad options and metagame that has factions you don’t want to give cards.Magmar and Lyonar in the past have fit the bill. Lyonar even had has the upside of its bbs helping sworn sister and Lyonar generally appreciates playing minions over spells to be holy immolation targets.If Trinity oath ever gets nerf you might see L’kian pop back up in Lyonar.In a Magmar deck that carries cascading rebirth Sworn Sister is interesting option.

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