Sworn Sister L'Kian question


Hey guys!

So I recently realized that L’Kian can give you cards from your entire faction, not just ones you have in your deck. So my questions are:

  1. Do these random cards have to be owned in your collection, or are they plain random, resulting in anything from your faction, owned or not?

  2. When you replace a card got from L’Kian not normally in your deck, does that card get added to the deck and can be drawn later?

  3. If you get a card you have in the deck, say a Makantor, while you already have 3 in your deck, do you essentially get 4?



1-plain random
2- yes you can draw it later


I am also wondering about Vespyric Call, if you replace the Vespyr you get, can you draw it again? I assume so… will it still have it’s +1/+1 and -1 mana?

And with Abjudicator, will replaced spells drawn later still have -1 cost?

And with Alcuin, if you copy a BBS and replace it, can you draw that? Although it never was a card ever?

I assume so, but would love confirmation, thanks!


As far as i’ve seen replacing removes “Mana Shift” from the card. As for Alcuin I’ve drawn pets off of stuff like Fighting Spirit, Replaced, and redrawn the pet so i presume you can redraw the BBS.


While I have not tried it with Vespyric call, I know that Kara’s old BBS buff used to stay on even if you replaced the buffed card, so I assume this works in the same way.


Yes, in-hand buffs stay on the card if you replace it; each card has its own particular identity and is tracked throughout the game.


Thanks, so also Abjudicator cheaper spells then? In contradiction to what johnbob78 said?


Yes abjudicator cheapens the spell. When replaced then drawn again, the spell is still with the abjudicators effect (mana cost reduction).