Swarm Arcanyst Lilithe


Greetings, fellow duelysts!

Sorry for probably not so good English, I didn’t have any practice for ages.

At first I’d like to mention that I’m not an S-rank player. I don’t dedicate too much time to the game, my collection is far from being full, but I play this game for more than a year currently and love it very much. I am a typical Johnny and love building synergetic combo decks…which usually just don’t work as intented even if they do work somehow.

The deck i present here can be interesting both for swarm lovers and for arcanyst enthusiasts. It works pretty well in my opinion. I just went from gold 10 to gold 8 in about an hour with this beauty here.

The decklist:

Here you can see an attempt to combine 2 tactics: owlbeast buffing with swarm+DFC. It’s usually played as midrange, with rite to help in the endgame. No dispel, since we have 5 removal spells.

[details=Some card talk:]
All cheap spells are great to buff our arcanysts.
I believe most choices are obvious. Here are some explanations.
-Ritual Banishing - just 2-of since we also have lure.
-Swarm - I’d gladly run 3, but it costs a bit too much, and I don’t know where to fit the 3rd one.
-Rite - helps in lategame.

-Aethermaster - I really have no idea why I’m still running this) Initially I had 2 of them and 2 of manaforgers, but the latter proved to be much more useful. I believe it could be changed to +1 gloomchaser. Still, I’ll play some more to check the usability of this one.

  • Manaforger - he is the hero of the deck. Turn 1 manaforger as P1 let’s you do some interesting plays. Like Sphere for 0 cost at the same turn. Or Owlbeast+anything 0 costed to buff both arcanysts. That is, if it lives, of course.
    -BloodMoon - odd choice for an arcanyst deck, but usual for swarm. Lets you recycle those prismatic and firestarter tokens and thus do more damage. Sustained swarm=successful swarm, since we’re not aiming for early aggro.
    -Spelljammer - with the amount of cheap spells we’re running, it is natural to run out of cards. Spelljammer solves the issue. I’d like to have 3, but currently there’re only 2 in my collection. I’d probably subtract 1 rite to get +1 spelljammer into the deck.
    -Firestarter - actually, I had only one successful use of this one, when I DFCed his rush token into an unstoppable killing machine and cast some cheap spells afterwards getting a win from nowhere) Usually I just replace it most of the time. Still theoretically fits the theme. [/details]

I’d gladly accept any criticism) However, even if the deck is not top-tier, I’ve found it extremely fun to play. You may try it, too)

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I actually am running something really similar for Abyssian right now-

It is different though because I have no deathwatch synergy. I am gonna give your list a shot to try to incorporate some of you ideas into mine but I feel like your version is missing some healing. The Arcanyst gameplan is usually pretty slow, so I find that healing is very important. Have you tried running Keilano or Shadow Dancer? I used to just run Void Pulses but they usually weren’t enough to keep me alive even when I got to chain a few extras with Alcuin.

Also, I think Gor is much better than Gloomchaser, but I haven’t really tried it out that much. It gives you permanent Ritual Banishing targets, gives you a tiny bit of board prescence after being wiped, gives you easy corner summons for value generators(Owlbeast, Illusionist, Keilano), and finally the little pings it gives you can make trading a little bit easier.

Alcuin and Abjuducator are both really fun cards too. Both are Arcanysts and have 3 ATK so they can be strong bodies once they start getting Owlbeast stacks.

Glad to see someone else trying out new things like this, makes me glad to feel I am not alone! If you wanted to try out some of the suggestions I gave and let me know, as that is what I will be doing for you.


I have actually seen your deck in OOM thread and had fun reading lore)

As you have already mentioned the main difference between our decks is that you’re going full arcanysts, while I’m trying to make arcana\swarm hybrid. I’m in love with arcanysts and tried to make good arcanyst deck for every faction. I have Starhorn, Zir’an, Argeon, Reva lists. Also, I’ve tried going full arcanyst with Lilithe, and used a deck very similar to yours with alcuins, gor and stuff, but noticed that most of the time I’m winning because of DFC. If so why not make DFC more easily accessable? I got this deck as a result)

I can now say, that my previous attempt was much more draw dependant, than this list. Spelljammers are good. Rites are too slow, spelljammers are not)

But both decks are fun anyway)

Edit. Haven’t tried Shadow Sis, btw. I will.


i think johnnys are the ones that build combo decks. timmys are the ones who like big flashy spells such as koan of horns and excelsior. and spikes are the tryhards that generally netdeck the best decks and do anything to win


You are correct. Thank you, my mistake.

Edited the original post.


I remember I had Spelljammers in my first build but I was very upset that they weren’t part of the Arcanyst Tribe so I took them out. I probably should have continued testing them regardless but I was like CMON they have the word SPELL in their name they should be Arcanysts.

Anyway got some testing to do, and yes Keilano is very good in just about every deck. I have had games(mostly against Vetruvian hehe) where I was rushed down to like 4 HP, then I build up my swarm and box myself in and heal myself to full HP after a few turns. So funny but I feel bad for the player on the other side.


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