Swarm abyssian deck list


This is my current decklist, I’m a diamond player hovering around 5-4. I’m making a little progress, my win rate is probably around 55%. I’m hoping some of you ultra pro S-rank players can give some suggestions or even some of my diamond peers. I’d like to keep the deck as a swarm deck so I’d rather not run aggro oriented cards such as spec rev. I’m also completely f2p so I’m on a bit of a budget.


There are certainly more experienced abyssian mains that can give advice, but here are some of my suggestions as someone who plays swarm frequently and used it as my primary ladder deck on the way to S-rank:

Firstly, i know you don’t want to run spectral revs, but trust me, if you have some in there your win rate will go up. They aren’t necessarily “aggro oriented” as they are efficient removal/late game finishers. But if you insist (which is fine, some people prefer decks to fit a theme), here are some other suggestions.

Second, I think running jaxi could be a great idea in your deck for an additional 2-drop. You would have to find room, but they are great in swarm because they respawn after AOE clears and can become ranged deathfire-crescendo targets that are very annoying to your opponent if they are out of reach. They are also tempting to bait out dispels so your deathfire crescendo targets, reaper of the 9 moons, vorpal reaver, and grailmaster are less likely to be dispelled.

Third, I know you are on a budget, but definitely prioritize another deathfire crescendo into your deck when you get the spirit. You should have at least 2 I think. Especially if you play no revenants, you probably want to eventually have 3 because they should be one of your primary win conditions. Void steal + deathfire on 6 mana can end the game out of nowhere. Even if not used as a finishing blow, it can get you a huge minion that needs a dispel or it will keep getting out of hand. Deathfire crescendo is the best card in your deck.

Fourth, you probably need more card draw. Even just one additional rite of the undervault would probably do. Or you could add a sojourner or two. With swarm decks having a lot of 2 and 3 cost cards, you can run out of steam by the endgame. Obviously you can gauge this yourself though, as I don’t have a feel for your particular deck.

As for making room, I dont wanna suggest to remove grailmaster because i think that is a pretty cool addition that could really take some people by surprise. Nightsorrow assassin has generally underperformed in my experience. It is great when it hits an obelisk or lantern fox, but even then it doesnt provide you virtually any board presence for your swarm and is too easily removed for 3 mana. It is fine to have one, or even two as a tech card, but i would recommend removing a couple of those, if not all of them. Also you might only need 2 shrouds since you have 2 ritual banishing already and 3 silence/2 hard removal might be a little overboard. Other than that, maybe removing one copy of bloodtear and primus fist to fit the jaxi’s as alternate 2-drops. Also sunsteel defender, while potentially an excellent deathfire crescendo target, feels a little odd in a deck revolving around small minions that plan to die. It might even be better to simply play a shieldmaster because the provoke can protect your smaller minions until it’s time to cash them in.

Anyway, those are my suggestions!


3 Nightsorrows seems to be too many for a tech card.

Deathfire Crescendo is a great 2 of, as thedrowningsailor pointed out. Now if you lack the spirit to craft a second then I’d suggest shadow reflection as a good replacement.

Saberspine tigers have worked out very well for me in these kind of decks. They are removal and with deathfire crescendo have the potential to oneshot your opponent.

Wraithling swarm…is a hard card to love. It is slow and while great, if going second, will often be punished by blistering skorn, which will be very popular as you move up the ladder. I would suggest replacing these with saberspines and see how they work for you.

An additional rite of the undervault will do wonders for you in the grindy matchups.

Since you do not seem into Spectral Rev. (you will learn to love him) Then I would suggest crafting some siblings for your vorpal reaver. I have one shotted opponents with him plus a shadow reflection for 22 damage! Although most of the time opponents will kill him and then you have six more wraithlings to feed your S’dancers and bloodmoons.

Finally Kelaino, she is an excellent addition to any Abyssian deck and has helped me become very hard to kill versus songhai or any aggressive decks. Also if you have kelaino and shadow dancer out at the same time then your opposition will probably vomit on his keyboard.

Possible Changes Summation:
-3 Nightsorrow
-3 Swarm
-3 Shroud
-1 Sunsteel
-3 Wraithling Swarm
-1 Bloodtear

+3 Saberspine tiger
+1 Deathfire crescendo
+3 Kelaino
+2 Vorpal Reaver
+1 Rite of the Undervault
+3 Jaxi
+1 Shadow Reflection

I avoided touching on the Jaxi’s because drowningsailor already did.


My S rank stuff:

And if your on a budget: