Surrender vs General Damage Quest suggestion


Dear devs,

could you program it so that:

When an opponent surrenders, the healthpoints of their general at that point in time will get added to the ‘general damage’-counter for the new Ultimate Aggressor Quest.

It would solve a lot of small annoyances/irritations among players I think, and I believe it would be fair as well, given that we did vanquish them.

That’s all, thanks.

Is it okay that you're not able to concede if the enemy had already queued their actions which lead to lethal and if not how should this issue be addressed?

Sounds reasonable


:100: :+1::ok_hand::clap::metal::dart::trophy::unicorn::birthday::moneybag: so much this


The same with minions would be nice, when you win all the enemy minions should die.

The quests encourage BM. You benefit by waiting to win so you can kill minions or deal extra damage. I really don’t like that, it’s poorly designed, hopefully CP will fix this.


So simple, yet so reasonable… I can only support this! I think Ultimate Aggressor is the only quest which may consistently take more than 8 games to be completed. This change might mitigate this issue.


A change that is absolutely needed.


Completely agree. Without such a change, surrenders almost feel like a dick move when you have the quest. A saddening effect.


So… Change the surrender mechanic from “end the game resulting in your loss” to “Deal pure damage* to your general equal to their current health and destroy all friendly minions”?

Seems like a good Quality of life change.

*Pure damage

An example of “Pure damage” is “the Hurtening” (yes, that is what its really called. I remember a developer calling it that way back on the old forums), or, the damage that one takes from having no cards left. Things like Arclyte Regalia and Forcefield do not prevent this damage. Fun fact: it is possible to extend a Duelyst match for an indefinite number of turns by using Keliano or Rook. If both players have two Kelianos, whenever they take “Hurtening” damage (2 damage per card), the other is healed by 2. Rook’s zeal ability heals your general by 5 at the end of each turn, negating the “Hurtening” damage.


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