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Been trying to make this viable for a while, and I managed to climb till diamond with it once(With my pathetic skills). It races through trial decks in silver, and smashes trials in Diamond, but tends to fall flat against meta lategame decks like Fault. And then there’s Zir’an, but fuck zi’ran. Anyway, gameplan is to ideally drop a rancour or something t1, and then next turn flash out our elucidator, and smack a wee flameblood on a mana tile and hit with rancour for


(Just pray rancour doesn’t get removed).

If not, you just have to grind 'em out with flameblood and everybody’s favourite masochistic suicide bombing mutant lizard warthog, and smack decispikes down at the end for a classy finish. Makantor is there because makantor. Bellow works great with a flash elucidator to stall for an extra turn and then some. That being said, bellow is usually a cunt draw against stun ilena, since they have meltwater moose, and some sort of self-dispel, usually chromatic cold. But I doubt that’s anybody’s worry, though it does snub my deckbuilding skills.

Rancour is a hilarious threat, and people go to ridiculous extents to remove it. I’ve had somebody waste a necrotic sphere when I dropped a rancour and then said well-played(Not sportman-like Ik). Kujata helps ramp out everything, since most of your minions don’t really contribute much in the way of board presence, so you may as well shave off that 1 health off of everything.

I’m open to any ideas to improve it, and I think it’s an all round fun deck to play with. I have a version of this deck with Vaath as well, which works slightly better, but completely fucks up against Fault, which I seem to keep running into, so I’ve stopped playing that. Oh and makantor rebuke is always a lovely thing.

The one downside of the deck is its consistency. It’s something of a

hit or miss



For an aggro deck, invigoration looks out of place.
Better to stick a Healing Mystic or Herald which can do a bit of damage, especially when you have Kujata for some cost reduction.



I considered that, but it feels really out of place with natural selection. especially mystic’s antisynergy is no joke. invigoration allows me some rapid healing when i need it, so I can outlast most midrange decks.



I relate to this so much



your shiny ass top 50 status begs to differ.

are there cards in your current list which you find iffy ?



But… I amn’t in the top fifty, thats someone else…(Though I’ll gladly take his place lol)



ah shit, did i mix you up with a guy named icyhot or smth

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yea, yea you did lol

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Plz don’t kill me - I haven’t played Duelyst for some months. But what do you think about Tiger for Invigoration and Greater Fortitude for Bellow?
Something like that. I haven’t tried - but healing in an Aggro deck really seems out of place.



Yeah that’s true, But I would go for something other than tiger. Tiger isn’t really worth it anymore. Bellow cuz its a bit of burst, and the stun. It’s slightly better than fortitude imo.



But regardless, I, for one, still appreciate your presence here. :upside_down_face:



Thanx! I’m not good in letting go - and the time here was just too f***ing good!
I love you all!


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