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Sup everyone new to the forums not new to the game!


I have been playing this game since OB day 1 but for some reason I never used the forums I have recently started having a browse and posting the odd topic and I have to say the forums are legit, unless I am missing some seedy undercurrent I have yet to experience but yeah fun place to kill some time in work and waiting for Gauntlet queue’s to pop :slight_smile:

Feel free to add me in game, stemonmmo


Hey! Welcome to the cult!

Please check out this thread.


Nice to meet you! Catch you around. :wink:




Welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy your stay. It is always nice to get to meet a new forum member :slight_smile:


Welcome :slight_smile:.


I just call that Reddit. :sirpenti:


Discord is a garbled shoutbox.

These are simply my opinions. I actually encourage players to use what works best for them and always be respectful regardless.

However, I believe the forum is a much more chill space. Welcome!

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