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Sunset Paragon Overpowered


Seriously, this guy is actually a 5 mana spell capable of dealing extreme amounts of punishment. Big minions have enough of a hard time seeing play as it is, why do we need more ridiculous counters? Overpowered cards create a stale meta, we’ve seen it time and time again in every ccg out there. Please nerf this card.


it’s just 5 mana situational card. It’s hard to see it even in reactive decks. Last time i used it was experimenting with control Kara


Well, this is a first. I’m not being sarcastic, it is actually the first time I’m seeing someone complain about Paragon. Anyway, why exactly do you consider it OP? You only described what is card capable of doing. I imagine we all here know how the card works, some of us probably even saw it being played yet no one ever called it OP from what I remember. What are you seeing that we don’t? I’m genuinely curious.


I think the card is strong but it is also situational. Against higher health minions it doesn’t do as much, it takes a lot of mana and if you play it on curve you take up your whole turn and leave behind an extremely weak body.

Also, if it is so op, why is it not seen more often? I think I probably see one played 1/15 matches, sometimes it is a huge board swing sometimes it does 3 damage to a minion. I think if the meta shifts more towards stronger lategame creatures instead of Aggro, Midrange, or Shadow Nova, then it might become too strong, but as of right now I think the card is balanced.


This card is designed to bring you back into the game when your opponent uses high attack minions, it doesn’t do much against alot of cards that have health higher then their attack. It isn’t as bad as it may seem and the body left behind is extremely lack lustre.


yeah, i’ve seen this card played like 3 times, all of which were in gauntlet


No it’s not.[quote=“justseba, post:1, topic:1523”]
Please nerf this card.




Like most people have said, EXTREMELY situational. I have never seen anyone divine bond and ironcliff at the end of their turn. It is also a 3/2 body.


What’s next sand burrower OP?


Paragon is one of the more balanced card this is the first time I have seen someone complain about it. A large amount of cards don’t have even Health and Attack what more can you say?


What’s next, sarlac the eternal OP?


Dude Sand Burrower TOTALLY breaks the game balance, it’s basically a better version of Snowchaser and with Fractal Replicate it’s like endless bonanza of burrowers.



But Skorn deletes all the Sand Burrowers. SKORN OP SwiftRage


But dude…godoftheforce is totally right…Sarlac can tank 3 Skorns O.o


Good? Yes. OP? Nope.


Sarlac can tank anything,


except dispell

a 3 mana 1/1 minion whose effect is Dying Wish: Re-summon this minion on a random space.

Sarlac got nerfed so hard, it used to only be 2 mana, and before it was 1 mana.


Totally, and what worries me is that devs do not seems to care, the meta is so broke I have to play High hand to punish them for always having tons of sand burrower in hand, this has to stop!


i once played against a dying wish deck where by the end, there were like 5 sarlacs on the board. i think the only non legendary card i saw was shadowdancer.


I know right? High Hand and Dark Seed are sooo OP in this Sand Burrower meta. They absolutely need to be nerfed.


kaughed so hard