Suggestions to alter this Healyonar?


Deck I just concocted, think it could do with some alterations and wanted advice.


Owlbeast Sage over Sterope maybe? Not really creative ik, but due to its high HP pool and your high spell count it might be a good healing target and a wincon w/ divinebond.

Also, Argeon over Ziran kappa


Why no lightchasers in a Healyonar deck?
I’d trade out the tempest for skorns but that’s more a personal preference.
You also chose not to include circle of life, interesting…


I was considering it but Sterope is bai, It’s suboptimal compared to sage but does shine sometimes, I’ll test sage though.


Tbh, the few times i tested Healyonar, lightchasers were absolute garbage, since you won’t get a single fucking heal triggered early game, which means it trades with the general, and lategame its just too small.


Lack of lightchasers is more a personal preference, I dislike the card greatly as it doesn’t really function as a 2 drop should function.


Ah, fair enough, esp cause Lyonar hasn’t the the mobility Songhai does to be able to stack a chakri and tp it in.


Yep, I’m very fond of my giga buffed chakri’s (I’m mainly a songhai player)


Yeah, you can almost always buff a chakri the turn you play it, and after one buff a chakri has a good statline. Doesn’t work for Lightchasers.


plus in songhai we have inner focus and mist dragon and all that fancy stuff, lightchaser can get great value sometimes but most of the time isn’t worth it.


Even if it doesn’t work properly as a 2 drop due to it having 2 hp, it’s still quite good. And besides, you’re playing Healyonar so might as well go full synergy and an extra set of 2 drops wouldn’t hut. Having 9 as opposed to 6 increases your chance of having a T1 player by a huge margin.

Anyway, I’m not a Lyonar expert, but this is what I would do to make the deck more consistent. It would be Healyonar, but would still have some classic Lyonar win cons.

Also, check this out Zir’an to S with lockdown. The guy knows what he’s talking about more than I do.


hmmm, thanks for the alterations, I like it. I’ll give it a test


I think you’re lacking 2 drops. You have a couple of options, like Lightchaser (have sinergy with your heals), Primus Fist (help with trades), Bloodtear Alchemist (good for 5 mana Immolation), Ephemeral Shroud (replaces Sun Bloom) and etc.

I personally like to use Azurehorn Shaman as a 2 drop in my Ziran deck. It can boost your other minions HP (Silverguard Knight with 9 HP is a nightmare) and bait some dispell / removal. The opponent often tends to play awkward against it too.


On Sterope (@cassador)
I personally use Sterope (if you’re going Zir’an, go all the way) and find her to be really really good combined with Sundrop Elixir. Card draw and cheap removal gets scary good any time you can keep Zir’an out of harm’s way and get at least 1 trigger off her.

On Lightchaser (@phayze)
My extensive experience puts Lightchaser as an absolute removal & Saberspine magnet. Most opponents rightly value Lightchaser as a very big threat and tend to expend resources to get rid of it quickly. And when they don’t, well, things get really silly. Trading one into Taygete or Four Winds Magi is great value imo, and punching face for 7 gets me jolly every time. I wouldn’t call it an absolutely essential card, but I’ve been really happy with it for a long time.

On Everything else
This is how I approach Healyonar nowadays and it’s gotten me to Diamond. Skorn is ridiculously good in this deck, you can swap the Rifter (for Z’ir for example) but you’d need another source of draw somewhere.

Happy tinkering, Healyonar’s looking to get better and better.