[Suggestion] UI : better/faster playback



Wouldn’t it be nice to have a better playback when reviewing matches ?

Feature 1 : add x4.0 and x8.0 speed
Feature 2 (even better) : have a dropdown list with [Jump to Round /] and list of rounds (1, 2, 3 etc)

Because it’s really painful when you have to review a whole match (for instance, to understand what happen on the last round) … at slow (2.0) speed :cry:

Any news on my previous UI feedback ?
Seems fairly simple to implement isn’t it … ?

Post for opinions on User Interface
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I have no need for 4x or 8x - but I would like to have the chance geting BACK in a match. This is helpful when missing which card was burnt (for example).


Please don’t do this.




Liked to support raqyee.

Back to the topic. I’m actually totally up for that. I’m a defensive player and my matches are freaking long: watching replays is, most of the time, a pain.

I’d love to have x4.0 speed and the ability to rewind.


And options to redact card flips and mouse movements (the replay saves every time you hover over cards and tiles afaik)!


And the ability to go turn by turn, skip to turn, etc

That would be perf