Suggestion : Ribbon Art



I realise the Dev Team is probably busy but I figured I’d throw this in as I think it would be cool.

How about having the ‘100 win ribbons’ have different art for every 100 wins you achieve with a race (instead of just saying you have 2 or 3 ribbons or whatever).

Think Paragon Portraits from Diablo 3.

What do you guys think?


Can you link those paragon portraits for reference? Because as of now, I can’t imagine how would, lets say 9 more variations of magmar’s ribbon look like, each one being cooler than the one before.

It would definitely be neat though. Currently after getting first couple of ribbons you just don’t care anymore and they lose all the novelty and this might change that.

But you know, seeing how we can’t even see the number of the ribbons we have in the profile section, I can’t imagine something like this happening for a long time, if ever. When it comes to art at least, there are other obvious priorities.


Yeah I mean the priority has to be on the game, the balance, etc (i.e. the stuff we actually play for) but I think this would be a far better direction for the ribbons to go in than just having a number to indicate how many you have.

That’s the paragon portraits you asked for.


Speaking of ribbons… I would like to have the option of not showing the number of ribbons you have.


^ this

Also, yes, different visuals for ribbons would be cool. Right now the number itself is flattering, but I think we could have something special for 500 or 1k victories :>


I am totally sold on this idea, it’s something I always felt was not that much of a vanity feature since everybody can have the same ribbon as you, just with a different digit which, let’s be honest doesn’t matter at all.

I’ll see if I can squeeze some time to take a look at some designs thanks for posting this idea.