Suggestion on new play mode


Nothing we haven’t seen before,just duelyst 2 versus 2 style.

It can be used in the same board,with every unit being able to move only one square,all players starting at 2 mana,all players gaining mana and drawing cards at the same time,etc.

Passing through friendly units allowed,shadow creep counts for both players (mua ha ha,since its friendly)
and the list can go on forever.

EDIT: Player’s turn should be reduced to 45-60 seconds for fast-paced gameplay and to make things spicier. (You wanna swarm? jokes on you)

IDEA : A new game mode and more social functionalities!

Still waiting for a single player campaign. They are already halfway there with the daily challenges


2v2 is in the works.


Source? 15characters


In addition to the monthly cards, balance changes, adding card and codex lore, and technical improvements, here’s what’s on our todo list over the next few patches:

Social Co-op Play. We’re working on systems for you and your friends to earn better rewards by playing together towards common goals and competing with other groups.


Now that i read it again,i thought i missed it,but i did see it.

English is by no means my native tongue,so i completely mistranslated it,thanks for the reply+source!

I have seen you reply sometimes…not that good,but i see you in a new light now!


I can see this being interesting if two different factions/decks/generals are allowed. Zi’Ran + Starhorn, for example, could be amazing. I can also see Cassyva and Zirix putting in some work together (ultimate zone control team + Obliterate and Dessication when Shimzar rolls around).


Or even scarier would be Argeon running defense while Kaleos rolls offense.


Lilithe swarming the fronts with wraithlings while Silithar elders and Vaath multiply and get stronger every turn.
If this ever happens, I’m gonna be “Aw hell no”


Actually, just put them both on offense. The game would end in 3 turns MAX.