Suggestion: Make the Crates as Steam Inventory Items?


I’ve got a bunch of crates that I’ve earned, and I’ve no desire to buy the keys to open them - I’ve no interest in the contents. As a result they just sit there and I constantly have the little number notification on the menu about how many I have. So I would propose that since the game is on Steam now, if you are playing the Steam version when you earn the crates, they should become Steam Inventory Items, that you can sell on the Steam Marketplace. And then anyone who actually wants to buy or has the keys to open them can buy the crate from you.


I’m sure they considered implementing not just the crates but all the cosmetics into steam market but decided against it. Unlike actual cosmetics, being able to buy and sell the crates would make sense due to the nature of how they work but their worth would be in cents so whatever.


If not Steam Inventory, then at least a way to convert them into something, like Gold or Spirit. I would just like to get something from earning the crates in the first place that I can use, even if that something is not worth as much as the contents are.


You didn’t earn them. You got them for free. But I agree, they should just let us delete them for people who are annoyed by it for some reason


the point is that they sit there and irk you into buying the keys, it’s a simple money making strategy. you can get gold and spirit from opening them anyways (I think, right?) so that’d defeat the purpose of them to begin with.

also if they were marketplace items I’m sure that’d cause some sort of incongruity with players who don’t play via steam.