Suggestion: Make Dioltas' Tombstone a structure


So, i dont even think Dioltas is op as it is right now, but it just bugs me, that a TOMBSTONE can move and attack, when there even is a structure minion subtype. Making Tombstone a structure would obviously be a massive nerf though, and might even make dioltas pretty unplayable.


I think this would be plausible. This would balance the tombstone a lot, as it came be buffed by minions or spells (divine bond), and you would have less control over the position of the tombstone. It’s not like we don’t already have a neutral structure already…


token minions arent neutral minions


Whoops. Today’s been a long day… XD


Problem with Diolats, as of now at least, is how it will always be infinitely better in Lyonar due to divine bond. By making it an actual structure, that problem is fixed plus like you said, the card will just make more sense. I know there are are neutral cards that are just better in certain factions but I don’t think there is any that is just better to that degree. Anyway, for that change to happen at least some stats rebalancing will have to be made because it really is a big nerf. And even with a noticable stat buff the card still might even lose it’s purpose as you can’t move your tombstone and decide what you want to protect.


I think this is a good idea. I think most players the first time they saw Dioltas in play assumed that the Tombstone would not be able to move.


I know I did xD.


For some reason structures cannot attack (or cannot be buffed above attack value 0). If they fixed that I would be ok with tombstone being a structure.


Well thats exactly the point of the suggested change. Structures should not be able to attack (at least i personally have never been attacked by a belltower or a cupboard. The structure tag makes sense as it is and balances the strong defensive stats those usually have. Making the tombstone a structure makes dioltas do whats its supposed to: create a distraction. It makes much more sense AND fixes the borderline broken interaction of DB + tombstone. It would most likely just also require a small buff like the tombstone spawning at dioltas location or buffing dioltas to a 6/3 or sth, since an immobile structure with a random spawn is kinda meh.


That’s not how you use the word “fix”. You see, “fix” implies something is broken. Structures not being able to attack or move is a feature, not a bug. They’re supposed to generate value in other ways than by attacking and moving. They’re structures after all, CPG didn’t chose that specific wording for no reason. The point of Obelysks is to geretate rush minions every turn and the point of tombstone would stay the same ie temporary protecting your general and/or minions.


Unbuffable, immobile tombstone would be pretty unplayable but yeah you do fix the Divine Bond combo. Making it only immobile could be a balanecd outcome (and give more use for Magnetize maybe). It certainly is too good as is.


When I first saw the tombstone I was surprised it wasn’t counted as a structure in theory couldn’t they make it like vanars walls buffable but immobile?


I chuckled when I saw this thread because I made this exact comment in the DIscord chat last night.

It makes logical sense for it to be unmovable. It also makes balance sense: a 4-mana 5/3 that summons a defensive 0/10 taunter for free is already extremely powerful. Being able to buff that taunter and move it around makes it excessive IMO.


you mean like a wall? cause that is literally what a wall is


Actually the walls can have attack values its just obelysks and a few other structures that cant


Let’s build a Wall. Of Tombstones.


I’ve done that with fractal replication he was not happy


Either turn it into a structure or at least change it so it doesn’t look like one, just to reduce the amount of new players going “Wait, he can move that thi- Wait, he can give it atta- Wait, did that just kill me?” :slight_smile:


Well, then you will start whining, why Vetruvians will use it in expansion and get the value of a tombstone. (maybe)


Id’ like a structure tombstone as well. It would still trigger when destroyed (always tick me off when I forget about the random spawn ad dark transform a dioltas), and continue to provide protection. That sounds fair.