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Suggestion for Trial

Hello i have Suggestions for Trial Monsters because i think thei are unhealthy and Gamebreaking also most of the time theres no comback once hit the Field.I think Trial should take the game to a Next Level without breaking it,they must be much easier to summon stats need to change and their ability.

Lyonar Trial Grand Strategos: During the End of your turn target 1 friendly minion transform it into a random minion of your Faction that cost :two: more.

Songhai Trial Hideatsu the Ebon Ox: each time you summon a minion deal 1 damage to any target.

Vetruvian Trial Notion of Starless Eternity: when your General is Equipped with an Artifact he gains Forcefield it can not be dispel and its removed if all Artifact are destroyed.

Abyssian Trial Underlord Xor’Xuul: once during the opponents and your Turn, The first time a Friendly minion dies re-summon it on a random space.

Magmar Trial Hatefurnace: The first Minion summoned from your action bar gains Rush and additional Opening Gambit: Target :one: other Friendly minions it gains Frenzy until the end of turn.

Vanar Kindred Oak in the Nemeton: Increase all Friendly Token minions by +1/+1

Neutral Mythron Wanderer: During the end of your turn give up to :two: Random friendly minions +1/+1 and not the same twice!.

I just wanted to ask why you gave all the trails a light tap on the wrist, but Nemeton and Ox were completely destroyed?

I dont think so as you see Nemeton dont need the requirement to play 1 copy of each card in your deck.

Ox is also fine because its like a indestructible bloodrage mask and dont only trigger when something is summoned from action bar it also trigger with swarm cards like Prismatic Illusionist
and you can deal 1 damage to the same Target either enemy General or his minions over and over again.

I know its not Perfect and have to be Tested my point is to give the Opponent a Chance for win and Keep Playing Rather than to Instant Surrender.

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man you butchered nemeton for no reason, you made it into slightly stronger kara’s bbs.

as a vanar, no… as a nemeton main i say - not gonna fly.

Alright everyone is a bit off base here.

@otro ya cant just say “trials should be easier” and then just nerf the one half without showing how you make the trial easier to compensate for the nerfs. Either just stick with your opening statement, or adjust both trial/destiny.

@everyone else you are not accounting for the part where he said “should be easier” all of those effects are much healthier then currently, and as long as the trial matched could be fine.

And to actually address the idea here. Yea I can get behind them being less extreme but easier. Really all I care about is that they are on par with other decks rather then much stronger or weaker.

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Given how hard these nerfs are, the Trials should be changed to something like casting a spell or summoning a minion.


Among all of these, hatefurnace and wanderer are the strongest :sweat:
That’s how bad the others are.

I am not a Expert but heres the way i Imaging Easier first of Trial Monster can only be Summoned at Turn 6 or Seven depend if Going first or second just to give aggro decks and others time for Preparation and Basicaly Halve Trial

Lyonar Trial Grand Strategos: Summon 6 monnster with 1 attack

Songhai Trial Hideatsu the Ebon Ox: Summon 4 minions from your action bar with different costs.

Vetruvian Trial Notion of Starless Eternity:General Or Minions reaches the other edge of the battlefield Except Airdrop.

Abyssian Trial Underlord Xor’Xuul:Cast 4 spells that destroy a friendly minion.

Magmar Trial Hatefurnace:Cast 4 spells that cause a minion to gain +Attack.

Vanar Kindred Oak in the Nemeton: Have 3 Token minions with different names on the field

Neutral Mythron Wanderer: have 2 copy of each card in your deck.

And Remember you cant summon the first turn only at turn 6 or 7 or more and its just an Example it may need Optimisation.

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Its just a Suggestion to Save Trials rather than Keeping make them worse aka dead especially when new cards got released.

                                                          You are Welcome!

Wait, what? :sweat:

Yes Hatefurnace may be a bit strong but thats just an idea and not the Finish and also Wandere is Randomly unless you control exactly 2 minions but i think its fine to increase the danger of the game the more it Continues.

trials cant stay like that some make many other builds and decks bad and not competitive and a End game that you can not escape or fight because its almost Auto Win is Boring.

It’s not a auto-win. If you let your opponent finish the Trial, or didn’t end the game before the Trial was completed, you deserve to lose.

so we all shall play Aggro? i don’t think so, either Trials get nerfs and become useless
and unplayable like Nemeton or we are getting new Powercreep cards that are even more Disgusting. With my Idea we can keep trials Live even if its not Perfect yet.

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I’m trying that. Not working. Not much of a fan of the overall designs here but i do give kudos for the attempt.

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What do you mean it will keep Trials alive? You just made them the weakest cards in Duelyst history. Also, you do acknowledge Nemeton is unplayable and yet you nerfed it even further. The thing is, you don’t have to play aggro to stop Trials; most of them are difficult to complete and are usually completed around T8 or T9.

Thats what Suggestions are if you have better Idea please Tell me Master.

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All you’re trying to do is nerf Trials so they are all useless. What a horrible solution.
Your attemps at balancing the Trials seem more impulsive than an actual thought out solution. They hit the weaker Trials but hardly affect the strength of the stronger ones.

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halcyon98 I Dont Play All Factions its just a Suggestion if you have a Better idea like increasing the boost +2/+2 for Nemeton im here to Hear thx.

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