Suggestion for devs, graphic change


Hello all, I was thinking how the little guys on the battle board look sort of 8 bit. So do the pics on the cards. Any chance we can bump up them little fellas looks? I mean the game is great and it works! Which is always a good thing. I just think it would look a bit sweeter with some improved eye candy.

Thanks for all you guys do.



Duder. Duderino. Brah. Mang. If you’re going to crappily try to deface pixel art at least have the decency to get your gaming generation right and aim at the 32-bits.


Is this satire or idiocy?


Wow, that’s rude of you. Everybody has different tastes.

@bigdavejedisage, I personally like this style more than some generic 3D, and many other players agree with me. And proposing design remastering of a game that passed it’s early development phase seems a bit hmm… I don’t have a non offending word to describe. @halcyon98, I tried but I can’t.

Edit. It’s a bit late! I found it :slight_smile:


The pixel art direction is intentional, and I’ve grown quite fond of it.
If I’m not mistaken, it was decided to make Duelyst stand out visually from its competition, to allow the rapid development of artwork with a limited team, and to give freedom to design units with nonstandard shapes (3D-based modeling and animation are based on skeletons, and these are labor intensive if they’re not reused from one unit to another).

Here we are, with immense variety in sprites, colors, leg counts, animations, etc.

I wasn’t fond of it at first, but now I’m definitely a fan. :kissing_cat:


I don’t mean anything like 3d or top end artwork, just cleaning up the edges and pixels a bit. I know it will never happen and is just wishful thinking. :alien:


I love the pixel art of this game and was one of the things that made me try it.
I wish they never change that, but an improvment to the pixels might be nice.

But the splash art in the loading is awful


I felt the same thing too but it grew strong on me.
Give it time.

Btw - until today i notice things in the units that make go go “this is my favorite now”


The pixel art in Duelyst is already high-end artwork, or whatever you mean by that. You’re just not recognizing the sheer amount of effort and craftsmanship that go into every frame.


As an image processing specialist I’m always looking for ways to improve pixels :wink:


So… what you want are HD Sprites like those of KOF XIII for example?

Iorikofxii Kim_sprite

Yes, YES!


All these suggestions are interesting, but for just other games.
I’d never want Duelyst to change its sprites’ style for a “hd version” of it. The game’s pixel art is spectacular the way it is imo.


Indeed, the pixel art is already amazing. Easily beats the visuals of most new games for me :slight_smile:


I did some digging and the game actually does use 8 bit gifs for the guys on the battlefield. All you need to do is pull them out and convert them to 16 bit and it would smooth out the edges. This could be done quite easily, copy, them into an editor, change them to 16 bit and replace them back into the game. Talked with a friend of mine who works as a game developer and he confirmed it. The cost would be minimal as would the time spent. In fact after looking at it the probability exists that someone could do this themselves with the right software. Sure you would be the only one to see the difference but there you have it.


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