Suggestion : A new friendly game mode with less deckbuilding restrictions


Hi ! I’m a French and Spanish player who started playing Duelyst 8 months ago.

I’ve always seen Duelyst has a game with infinite possibilities thanks to the different effects and keywords. So I’ve come to ask myself, what would happen if there was a mode with no restrictions in deckbuilding ? This would unlock some crazy shenanigans. It would be possible for example to make a deck with Kaleos has a general and cards from lyonar and magmar. You could make a deck with only 39 ghost linx if you wish so.

But of course, you must own every card you put in the deck. If you want to make a deck with 20 young silithars and 19 lavalance, you must have each one of them. This would make collecting cards a lot more interesting. The length of the game will get bigger at the same time, because even if you have 3 copy of each cards, you may want to get more black locusts for the sweet meme decks.

I know that this mode would be impossible to balance. That’s why it should be only available by challenging one of your friends. It’s not the same to use a broken combo on a friend than on a stranger. In my experience with friendly duels, it’s always a lot of fun to see someone pull some silly combos and to discuss about it.

What’s your thoughts on this idea ? Do you think it’s impossible to implement ? Or do you think it wouldn’t be fun ?

I’m sorry for the grammar mistakes. Thank you for reading this idea !


idk… 5 rite of the undervault and 34x phoenix fire vs some other whacked out deck…? lolwut :confused:


Honestly this would be awesome.