Suggest for Control\combo deck?


Hi I’ m a new player and in half a week I’ ve reached the 16th rank with a vanar aggressive with a touch of control (dispel\dmg and infiltration unit) but is not my really playstile.

In heartstone i usually play rogue, combo or miracle, love the crazy things you can do (20 dmg in 1 turn!)!
Also i love to control the board, in MGT I loved playing decks like oath or ophidian control, aka 2\3 minions and tons of counter to keep the board clean for me!
( I know the game is based on creatures, then i don’ t expect something like ophidian deck…-.-)

Anyone can suggest some deck list control or combo??
Possibly a cheap version can be cool 'cuz atm Im out of spirit…;D

I know the factions are pretty balanced, but in high rank there are some faction more used?which are? just to know…

Thanks for the attention,
cya 'n hf


Hello Dokfitz, and welcome to the forums.

The premier combo decks for Duelyst have been Songhai for a very long time (afaik) with it’s tendency towards bust damage. That being said, Songhai also plays very aggressively. Baconator (Tuskboar or another 2 drop + Mirror Meld + Attack Buffs) is an example of this. Other Songhai decks that may interest you include Spellhai, a deck that revolves around Spell synergies or Arcanysthai, a variant that includes cards such as Owlbeast Sage to buff minions.

Vanar and Lyonar also can pull combos using Owlbeast Sage by using Polarity and Divine Bond, turning the health buffs into attack power. These decks also use Spell synergy but are less synergistic compared to Songhai. Of the two (Lyonar vs Vanar) I’d recommend Vanar as Vanar has some of the best single-target removal spells in the game.

Another combo deck you may consider would be Artifact Vetruvian, a deck which has fallen out of favor. This deck revolves around using Aurora’s Tears or Time Maelstrom and artifacts to buff the general attack to over 25 points of damage. However this sort of combo is very fragile as it relies on artifacts and the general.

Final recommendation: Arcanyst (Owlpunch) Vanar. This deck is pretty budget in terms of crucial components (Owlbeast Sage, Polarity) in my opinion compared to some of the other decks mentioned above and still amusing to play.

WARNING: I have not tested this decklist and in fact have thrown it together as an example only. Use at your own risk.

At higher ranks I’d say currently Veteruvian (Zirix Midrange/Tempo), Songhai (Reva Aggro/Bacontor/Spellhai), and Vanar (Kara Zoo) are the most popular.


Thanks for the thorough reply, I think I’m gonna try the arcanyst vanar !


In terms of control (as combo was already answered), the best faction is Vetruvian hands down. Vetruvian has many minions with low stats but effects that will win you the game if they’re not dispelled. In the end game, they can continue to drop one of those (Aymara Healer, Nimbus, etc.) per turn. Additionally, one of their generals, Sajj, has a BBS that doubles her damage dealt to minions for a turn, meaning that in combination with artifacts or Falcius she can remove almost any threat without expending resources.

Heal Lyonar is also a powerful control deck, that uses combos. By healing your general and your minions to make sure nothing dies, you survive to the late game and look to end with either Divine Bond combos or your buffed up general from Sunforge Lancer, Ruby Rifter, and artifacts.The deck aims to throw in as many cards that synergize with healing as possible to control the board and deal damage, like Sunriser.


Yay vet is an awesome faction, i really like it, and was one of my choose (but unfortunately see soo many list soo expensive!), I really like the sabotage vet.
Also the healyonar was one of my choose, 'cuz love the control/helaing mechanics…