Stupidly good deck ft. Thumping Wave


Thumping Wave is definitely Magmar’s strongest card currently, rivaling Makantor Warbeast. It doesn’t surprise me CPG thought it was a good idea to give a 3 mana +5 attack spell (which can also act as a removal) to the faction with a 4 mana 5/4 rush. Thumping Wave is also very good with Spelljammer. Spelljammer does minimum 7 damage, draws you two cards, and then becomes a 3/3 which your opponent no longer can use to draw cards.

The deck is pretty straight forward, you clear board when you need to early game and pressure your opponent with buffed minions and Taygete. You close out the game with RUSH MINION + Thumping Wave.

All the matchups are pretty decent. The weakest matchup is probably something like Obelysk Vetruvian or Wall/Vespyr Vanar which I haven’t been running into on ladder. I don’t run rust crawler so when Songhai equips an ARTIFACT it’s going to be rough (but as a Magmar player you should already know that). Kron is actually very strong against this deck since you can’t Natural Selection it and you often have to waste a Thumping Wave.

The only card I think about changing in the deck is Taygete. Taygete doesn’t do much at 4 health and is pretty bad after 5 mana alone, the card is only ever used to pressure your opponent early game, mess around with battle pets, and remove big minions (like Kron). Taygete could probably be replaced for Gro, Kron, Primus Shieldmaster, or Mandrake.



Yeah, Mandrake would definitely be the next minion to add if I got to add 3 more cards, but I can’t


Using Grovekeeper against a Kron isn’t that good in my opinion, especially if the opponent is ahead on the board. Considerable, but definitely not more than 1 of.


Vaath is pretty much a walking minion, and I’d like to keep that walking minion alive.

feedback is appreciated.


I really have to test it before I can give feedback - I haven’t run Aggro since two or three weeks.
At which Rank are you playing at the moment?


00HP, Im not a Magmar player, but I read this for the laughs anyway! Good Job xD


I currently have 2 losses with it in S. I test decks all the time so I don’t usually spend more than 2 days on a deck. And it’s not really an aggro, but a mid-range (like all decks in Duelyst). Hit face wisely and pressure your opponent. I only use RUSH MINION + Thumping Wave for lethal, it’s not a combo you want to be throwing out just because you have the mana.


I hit gold in less than a week with a deck like this, but my lack of spelljamers just stop me to keep pushing forward.


I might give this a whirl.


Have to say I’m a bit confused by this paragraph. First you say all your matchups are pretty decent and then you go on to list as problem matchups what is literally the entire meta right now, at least in Diamond to S-rank.
I also have to disagree on Grovekeeper. It’s an extremely strong tempo play not only against Kron but also against Aymara, Ironcliffe, enemy Makantors and any sort of buffed up Provoke minion Kara might run. Literally every metadeck that isn’t Songhai runs beefy Provoke minions right now and even Songhai has been known to run Kron.

As for some more concrete feedback, I personally really dislike running Natural Selection and Young Silithar in the same deck. Despite both being very strong cards, they have very bad synergy with one another and one will often prevent the other from being played. I’d probably replace the Silithars with something like Primus Fist instead or else Blistering Skorn if Reeva is an issue (and let’s be honest, Reeva is an issue for everyone right now).
Also, as this is primarily a burst deck, you really don’t want to be using Thumping Wave as removal unless you have absolutely no other choice. That means you’ll have some trouble removing bigger threats which is why I’d recommend swapping one or two Earth Spheres out for Egg Morphs. Sure Earth Sphere can heal you up, which I agree is necessary but Egg Morph indirectly will prevent a lot of that damage anyway and since you’re running Alchemists, you can potentially even remove ranged threats with it.
Anyway, just my two cents :slight_smile:


I’ve ran into 0 Obelysk Vet and 1 Wall Vanar, I guess I must be dodging the meta.

Magmar has always been weak to artifacts, and don’t feel like it’s the deck’s problem.

I agree putting in a couple Egg Morphs into the deck will improve it’s consistency. I was hesitant running it at first since you’re losing a lot of tempo with a fast deck like this but it would help a lot removing big threats like Aymara and Kron. Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: