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Stupid Songhai memes (for beginners)


Is there any good Q’ deck? Ive attempted some memery but as you mentioned I keep bricking- even after Q’ cast you need to draw cards to get the combo and thats kinda hard


Starhorn Decimus Spikes can work with Q’. It roughly goes along the lines of playing out as a swarm style deck at the start with 2 mana minions, play Q’ at 6 mana to removes the 2 mana minions from your deck, then you play decimus spikes on 7. Since the only things left in your deck are decimus, spikes and other tech cards that aren’t 2 mana minions, so you replace one of the cards in your hand to get a combo piece. You’ll likely draw into another combo rather quickly for your next turn due to spikes, BBS or gaze if you run it.


@owlbeastmd and @nh3maser still exist, yay (I mean that in a good way).


Here’s a more functional version of an all-in Songhai Q’ combo deck, based off of the nondegenerate version of AlphaCentury’s Meditate Combo:

It’s not a strong deck, since it’s not easy to stay alive until you can combo with just 2-drops. But if you can find the pieces on time, you can go off as follows:

  1. Play Rokadoptera and hold onto the Boulder Hurl (or use it if you need to, but in this case you can’t BBS for the rest of the game).
  2. Play Q’orrhlma’a. (This can happen before Rokadoptera if necessary, but would mean you need an extra turn to combo off).
  3. The combo turn: equip Spear and Hiogi, then loop Boulder Hurl with your Meditates until your opponent is dead.

The original version didn’t need Spear, which made the combo more consistent. But, with the change to Meditate, you need some sort of damage boost or else you’re capped at 16 damage, and Spear is the cheapest.

As others have mentioned, you can do similar things with other factions. Here are some links on Duelspot. None are particularly good (which is probably for the best, as consistent combo decks can feel really bad to play against).


Not really that good ones but @rhacker93 built one too:



DeciVore is a very close second on my list of most degenerate decks. I found it slightly more annoying when your opponent would sit there doing nothing, waiting for you to concede since they were in an otherwise unwinnable situation than when they would insta kill me from full health. In any case, neither of those decks deserved to exist and I’m glad that they don’t anymore.


wow, i just revived some bitter memories. my bad.


Isn’t DDoS technically still not dead?

(Alpha’s delete-their-deck ApexVore is still out there too…)


Once you play Q on 6 mana, you just need a mantra in hand and you are good to go. You will go for a 8+ damage mantra on 7 and if it is not enought you have a high chance of doing the same the following turn.
The hard part of the strategy (and what makes the deck a meme) is drawing araras and Q as early as possible and putting a decent amount of plumes in the deck


My old Creep Q did fairly well before trials, but it might be a bit slow in the current meta.


I refined your budget meme on my smurf over the past couple days. Enjoy:

Also, I made a constructed version and am very pleased with its output. It is actually quite powerful atm, shredding most decks not called aggro cass or heal ziran. Will post that version once I hit s.


my first version (the one reva) actually works out pretty well, but it probably needs a better pilot


healynor and cass have been a problem for me too


constructed version holds even with both imo. They can’t heal your output if you open right

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