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Stupid Songhai memes (for beginners)


I guess i’m gonna make a thread about memeing with only basic/common/rare cards as i build my collection. I will take recommendations, as i am only a low silver player, but i have pulled some pretty crazy stuff with this deck. more to come soon hopefully!!!
One man army

basically, you want to wittle down there health to the 18-16 range, and try to position yourself to get behind the enemy buy six-seven mana. try to get at least one obscuring blow on your general, and keep a saberspine seal/ethereal blades and bangles in hand. then, just killem. (not a very in depth plan, but it either works amazing, or gets destroyed) :vankiss:


stop that


This deck is new to me.

I’ve never seen it in my life.

This is a good and interactive deck that is sure to be the new meta.

Stop that.


well well
isn’t this new


ill get more creative. it’ll grow from here guys (i hope XD)


Not sure if Hiogi is doing much for you.


yea. ive been thinking about shroud #3 or -1 ethereal blades +2 assassination protocol.


Meditate/Hiogi/4wm spam

destroy the enemy board, and attempt to keep a 4wm or bloodrage mask active as well as a hiogi. save two meditates, and cycle them infinitely (maybe. with real good luck. bless the gods of RNG)


why do you like to hurt me?

EDIT: What kind of budget deck are you trying to build?


med cant rep med fyi


something something magmar gets everything something something


oh come on! that is lame.


wanna cry rn 15chars


Try mantra next, I heard no one ever pulled it off


Actually, there is a very good reason for Meditate to work that way. When Meditate could add copies of itself to your deck you could abuse it to cast so many spells in one turn your opponent would be unable to do anything during their’s due to the animations looping. DDOShai was quite likely the most degenerate deck that ever existed in Duelyst’s history and it is only a good thing that it is no longer playable.


This is a meme that actually has good chances of winning games. The goal is to put brilliant plumes in your deck with araras and then remove all minions with Q. In your deck now you have only plumes, meditate and mantra (with 2-3 minions) and lets the combo start.


https://imgur.com/I633Ws7 the songhai meme which ended up not being a meme


How do you draw all the plumes after playing Q’? You are bricking too much in my opinion. Your Meditates don’t cycle themselves. You don’t want to get another Q’ or Firestorm (only one of them).

Perfect plan: Play Araras on T1, replace a lot, play a Meditate, play Q’ on 5 or 6 mana and when do you Firestorm? Seems very conditional.

I think the Starhorn Decimus Spikes package is better with Q’ (still not good).


I think deci mnem was the most degenerate deck(atleast of the ones i experienced)
Atleast you could download the helpers script against DDOS


oh shit man. that is evil. i didn’t think about that. hrm.