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Stun/vespyr ilena

It’s been a while since we had a good control midrangy vanar deck.
I’ve been working on it since the exp. Came up, after alot of changes and modifications - this is the version

As a whole it doesn’t seem so impresive (even though it got all my favorite cards in it) and yet it packs heat like a mother******.

The ldea is - control, basically stun when needed into iceshatter, hydrogarm is a great control card, as well as iceblade, rhyno and frostiva for pressure and all kind of tools to finish the job.
opening hands are normal - gravity well the 2 orbs and put a minion in their face or arbiter + frostfire on tile (7/7)
Mid game is tricky - you want to have enough units on board, iceblade in hand and a buff/buffs.
Wincon will be either rhyno on board + buff, spirit of the wild or vespyr on board+ iceblade + buff.
The opponent usually will try running to your starting side - for that we’ve got the avalanche.
Removel is basic - aos + thunder. , chromatic and general + bbs + artifact.

It’s still not in a perfect shape but it is better then the one i posted im the deck bazzar and it’s able to play either a very fast, aggro like game or a very control centered game (which i prefer) it depends on the player and skill level (the deck is hard to pilot but super fun when done good, tell 'em @kevin2hard).

Bad matchups - magmar(!) - the use of many buffed units is getting hard countered by their new card homeostatic rebuke.
Songhai - i dumpster midrange reve, but… mantra is a problem when shidai is out of reach.

Good matchups - Vet, lyonar, and abyss - you’re usually set for a long game with enough power to push for a win (a good strategy is needed).

The only problems i encountered are: missplays - you’ll get punish hard for one.
And rushing in someone can cost you the game due to losing steam and topdecking and lack of answers.

Comments? Toughts? Please let me know what you think.

New and better version is in progress:)

Shouldn’t Ilena be packing full sets of iceshatter gauntlets, shatters, frigid coronas and flash freezes? That’s my initial reaction.

Deck limitation, i tried running a full stun deck, but in the end of the day you end up not using them.
Maybe +1 iceshatter will do but that’s that i use tha stun mainly for cheap hard removel, other then that you’ve got hybrogarm which does a beautiful job stunning.

yup even tho it has vanar staples thunderhorn its actually a refreshing feel as the opponent doesnt not expect certain combos to pull up…eg. give vesper flying for lethal

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