Struggling with deckbuilding


I’m playing around with Letigress now. It’s only 1 mana more than tiger, but allows some swarming, and is also ranged. Due to us possibly using unbirth just to progress trial, using minions with keywords seems appropriate. What do you think?

My current wr with my version of the deck(not the one I posted) is less than 50% in low gold now though.


Mana costs are a big deal, but letigress is underrated. So to answer your question, I don’t know. Let me know how it goes.


Can confirm. Moggin hit s#1 with trial cass


Moggin’s turbo xor cass (based of my matches on ladder. He flip flops between sphere and tiger):

Trial is generally completed by t3 unless you pressure out a ritual banishing


What makes this fact different in the hands of Maehv? You just switch general, and now you also have a possibility to have early bodies if needed. No creep synergy or punish is used, healing quantity is the same, you won’t probably die of your BBS.


Not taking 2 damage everytime you bbs is massive, and will save you 4-10 points of health per match. Also- everything in this deck progresses trial bar dancer. Removal is too slow, as turboing trial out outclasses most lines of play across the majority of matchups. Ramp from forger and dfs make things faster, while loremaster skyrockets consistency to stratospheric levels.

Also compare the trial progress spell suite to inferior maehv iterations: 17 vs 9-12 (on top of a fatter curve). This deck is by far faster.


I know that moggin is an exceptional player, but from what I’ve tested using so fast approach without draw and bodies empties your hand pretty fast. You are coming to your destiny pretty low on cards and lack the ability to produce any kind of nonSarlac board. Given Shadowdancer is your own finisher that can produce issues of not drawing it while having no cards to answer the board.

That said S-1 is pretty indicative, what I say this list is probably damn hard to pilot. I had experimented with a pretty similar approach, but never managed to have a good winrate with such a deck, be it Maehv or Cass.


Tbh the deck replenishes its hand pretty well with crypto, alcuin, deso, and inkhorn. You should be hitting trial with 2-3x cards in hand, and hand size is irrelevent if you draw into dancer or hold it from 4/6 spells onward.


Yeah, that’s a point. I never tried to use inkhorn, maybe it’s time.

And also it’s time to tech Magesworn everywhere :rofl:


Oh God no… I’m an Abyss main but this is the last thing I want to be playing against, even if I’d win :smile:


I regret posting this list here if it makes you feel any better ;_;


It’s very similar to my turbo Maev variant, just ever so slightly faster and no self harm but in trade it has zero tempo, being almost entirely reliant on early Xor or bust.

I will have to tinker with it a bit, I had some cass variants I messed with awhile ago but I had dismissed it as a highroll deck, and decided to favor Maev for its great back up tempo gameplan. If Moggin had that much success I may have to pay a little more serious attention to it.


Not running Demonic Lure seems like blasphemy, but perhaps that is my mistake?


The theory is that like other proactive decks, ignoring board and gunning for trial outclasses dealing with your opponent’s stuff. gunning out xor and then following up with dancer generally wins, so unless you’re dealing with a threat that will kill you (ex. deci, etc) you’re better off ignoring it and delaying them with defensive positioning. Times I beat him with the deck generally boiled down to forcing ritual banishings to the point where playing xor would lose him the game. Even then, highrolling aphotics with alcuin is very hard to beat, let alone anticipate.

Consider piloting this deck as you would spellhai or other combo heavy decks.


Gave it a good testing again. Reached the same conclusion. While the deck can highroll, it does not do so often enough or fast enough. Xor on curve is meaningless if you have no board, and have not been removing your opponents board. Cass variant has zero tempo and Xor alone, even when followed by Dancer is often not enough.

If you open with sarlac/gor and they don’t get dispelled and you can either get the BBs engine or the Darkfire engine and can then follow up with dancer its pretty decent…But I was still loosing games with Xor on five mana followed by dancer. And when you don’t open with gor/sarlac or they get answered immediately you roll over and die and have no back up plan. And even when things go perfectly its still far from a for sure win.

Maybe I am missing something, but negative tempo decks that rarely go off before six mana, and still take some time to take off after that point, and rely on so many moving parts without answers just does not feel good at all. I just do not see were you, jay, or moggin are coming from.

I tried it with every realistic combination of the mainboard and sideboard. It just feels like a bad gimmick without maevs tempo tools. Gave it a good 20 games trading out consuming/Mentor and various numbers of desolator for the various sideboard options.

Did Moggin really hit S#1 with this? I don’t know what am I missing, but husks are an absolute must to feel competitive, without them you are left with a fun gimmick that can sometimes work out.


He did. I’d have to take a look at your replays to hammer down the issues. That or check moggin’s replays, as I haven’t used the deck myself.


It might also be partially due to a growing understanding and dissemination of information on how to beat the deck. (if they only have 1 gor/sarlac and you clear it it sets them back, and play aggro even if you’re not an aggro deck). Wasn’t it a little while ago that moggin was playing this? I imagine he may have run into opponents that were still learning what to do against it, but that’s just some speculation…

I also thought he was running fugitive, but that may have been an earlier version (or I may be misremembering).


Fugitive and Deso compete a bit, but both are good, I go for fugitive in my Maev variant so that I have a good darkfire Target/Deso has a habit of getting burned off. This ones curve is a bit lower thanks to forger instead of shaman and a few other small differences so I/likely moggin opted for desos.

But yea I suspect it was more of early success/matchup game/other decks were not as optimized.


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