Struggling with deckbuilding



Without Alcuin’s darkfire is underwhelming, swapped for crypto due to being an important tempo tool. Vellum is awkward as always and without the gors/darkfires dancer was not pulling weight as much so cut both of those in favor of deso/tiger as tiger adds to various combos and deso helps with our heal/card advantage.


Hybrid xor decks do work. I managed to get into S-rank last season with this

where the main win con is chakram, with Xor as backup.

The problem with Xor Maehv is that it needs a lot of sacrificial bodies. At the same time, you need to have enough on the board to counter aggro.

I highly recommend having 3 sarlacs for sacrificial bodies. Alcuin Fugitive is also great card for this; both Darkfire Sacrifice and Aphotic Drain are good spells to copy and spam.


Your V2 draft will need some card draw with that. Even my deck, with its mana-hungry minions, has a problem with card draw.


Replicate and deso go a long way. And with its curve/xor hand is actually a bit to full. Card advantage is over rated, if you have more then two cards in hand by the time your trial is done thats likely wasted tempo.

Full hand whole game, which means curve is likely to high. Given there was a jammer for a turn or two.


Here’s another take: Pretend to be playing Xor’Xuul trial, but let the dogs out and throw haymakers with a full retard Mech aggro train instead.


Sorry @deathsadvocate , I did not read that exact part explaining why inkhorn is useful, I do now feel pretty dumb xD
As for all the decks you’ve been working on, they all seem to be more consistant than the one I first posted, that’s a proof of improving it. As on my side, by testing your decks (with the budget I had, so 3 sarlacs or more than one Desolator is kinda hard to reach currently), I tried to do a new list based on my original thoughts and the feedback ya’ll gave me

(Notes : I do have to replace Desolator with Dancer, as I don’t have enough Desolators (and counter current Maehv silver decks), fill the gaps of Sarlac with Gors & using darkfire instead of multiple copies of abhorrent, I don’t think that more abominations than one is pretty useful, I guess? I do not have multiple copies of it too, what a poor man)
As to why I do still use both Z0rs & S.I.L.V.E.R? Z0r helps me getting useful draws, with almost any mechas in the game being useful with my deck, while being sacrificing fuel. While Xor’Xuul is on board, I can get infinite mechas from it, which means both an ability to replace & maybe a strong pull off (getting a metaltooth while I haven’t one anymore because I missplayed, or getting an Echo Deliverant, making mechs that are being killed while there is the Destiny resummoned twice).
It makes up with Z0r, but why Silver tho? Because if I manage to pull off a Mechaz0r and Silver is on board (or vice versa), I still do have a big threat on board if one of them is killed, assuring me somekind of win condition.

This still needs some optimization, but I still do think Z0r has some use in this deck


Certainly come a long way.

Gor/dancer are amazing budget choices and are actually staples of the standard list so they will certainly do for now.

If you don’t run 3 tooth, Tiger, and chakram then yea unbirth is underwhelming. But because it can combo like crazy with rush, progress trial, and just slam down a body made out of gors/sarlacs I love it at three. But until you have three sarlacs chakram is not as good, so until you have the full package running just one unbirth and two chakram is fine.

I still do not like silver, and I am pretty skeptical on Z0r but it’s sollid sacrifice/hand fodder while your on a budget.


Well, while you’re correct at this point, having 2/3 Unbirths in the deck doesn’t mean you plan to play all of them. You just ensure you draw them.


What do you think of Lilithe in this list? Aggressive combo fishing with inkling, more swarm for chakram, Trial if all else fails?


Without Maev you have no early tempo and can not reliably get Xor.

Lilli is better sticking to the decicated Mech variant, or going old school eternal army now with Unbirh.


Something like this. Focusing on unbirth as a wincondition either with rush, or as a way to self proc a Grimwar. Sarlac and Rush are also super rude with chakram. Gors/Sarlacs mean we always have some bodies on board and care little about AOE.


Tooth just not feeling reliable enough in this variant, cut for Lilith staples. Although I have been enjoying the mech package for Maev.


How many of those are there? I can send them all to bronze in a day or 2 with Burn Horn


I’m always surprised by how many people in Silver play Xor, beginning of each season I meet like 10-20 Xors in Silver/low Gold when slowly laddering with memes.


Well, as soon as you have Sarlacs it’s pretty easy to build and has Ultimate Lategame second to only maybe Gate.

Since Silver matches tend to be longer it’s a nice choice.


It’s also the reason why making that leap from rank 11 to 10 in the first days of a season has never felt as easy :grin:


You just play aggro then?


Combo and Burn, too. Just kill their Alcuins and they are not healing so much :slight_smile:


Factually untrue as Trail Cass has both been more popular and just the fastest Abyss trail deck in general recently. Her BBS also insulates you against Ragnora while having a way to sacrifice bodies that doesnt involve conceding the Aggro matchup.

Edit: I feel I should stress that “popular” amongst better players rather than general population.


I encountered moggin a couple of times with his xor cass deck.

Can confirm it works perfectly fine :smiley:


This, plus Xor is a lot more difficult to pilot correctly than most people think (I for sure know I can’t do it 100% well), so usually you can just cheese out wins that punish the opponents’ misplays.


Not cool, you have got to stop doing that. Not only are you completely off topic, and being rude, but I also disagree with you. Mentioning that you think the cass list was good could have been great discussion.

First of all “factually untrue” is completely inappropriate as this is a matter of opinion. Second of all having a control tool is completely different from tempo. We were comparing Lilith to Maev, we were not even talking about cass, and since we are making unbirth decks bodies are way more important regaurdless of wether cass is good or not in her own list.

And finally I don’t agree with you. The cass Version is decent, it is better versus ping vulnerable lists, but I am not convinced it is better versus aggro due to having no early pressure, and the deck has even less tempo then Lilith so it tends to get rolled over by Midrange decks.

I also do not think it is better due to having good and bad match ups rather then just being decent all around. In my book consistent is better then playing the match up game, all though there could be an argument that the match up game may be favored in this meta. And with my limited experience with the deck the lack of husks just made it feel underwhelming in general.