Struggling with deckbuilding


Hi there, I’ve been playing Abyssian since Open Beta, coming back to the game every 6 months testing things out and then leaving. But since I came back in July, I’ve been hooked to the game, and now I’m here to properly build a deck.
For the past years, I used to play with a swarm deck archetype, but seeing the “recent” release of Maehv & Xor’Xull, I decided to swap to them. The thing is, I LOVE Mechas, not only those in Duelyst, it’s just that I do love them, so I adapted my deck to include some sort of a Mecha-lethal playstyle.

But, by mixing different playstyles, I’ve encountered issues : I haven’t any control over the board, swarms & wanderer decks are too hard to play around. Even if I’ve played “for years”, I’ve limited knowledge about this game, it changing everytime I come back.

So, I need to ask you : How do I improve it? What do I need to remove? What I need to add? I aim to have a kind of acceptable board presence early game & then a strong late game with almost no way to loose. Do I need to change my general? OR do I need to completly change my faction?


One of the glaring issues with your deck is that you have too many one ofs and two ofs. Generally you want to have most cards at 3x copies and reserve 2ofs for situational cards and one ofs for highly situational cards (and Mythrons).

Another issue is your deck seems to lack a clear focus. Right now it looks like you aim to win with Xor, but tried to put some mechs in there without any synergy which likely does more harm than good.

And finally, some of the cards you use are just pretty bad, Omega and Alter Rexx in particular stand out.

Also, @deathsadvocate is a good deckbuilder, If you want you can look at his thread to see what some well built decks look like.


This should help you with deck building as well as basics/staples.

You have likely been playing long enough that budget is probably not a huge issue so my master thread is also relevant.

Although abyss has been struggling a bit lately, but you can still do pretty decently.

You really need to pick a focus.

The most successful mech deck I have:


And if you want to go for trial you gotta commit pretty hard:

@phoinexflame looks like you beat me to linking my thread :stuck_out_tongue:


This list is both beautiful and horribly broken. It reminds me of the movie “Annihilation” with Natalie Portman.

Both Mech decks and Xor’Xuul decks demand an almost complete dedication to the strategy, as you can see in @deathsadvocate’s examples.
Combining the two is very likely to end in very underwhelming performance, I’m afraid.

This requires more thinking.


Hey! :smiley:

All you need is to put q’orrhlma’a,
Nightmare operant and alter-rexxtogether for infinite MECHAZ0R!s


Hey, I think i played against you yesterday, you heavily missplayed with silver and I blew you up with obliterate, am I right? Anyways, I dont think Mechs are the way to go, atleast add 2 more sarlacs for the deck, they are insane


At least this deck has proper early game unlike many other inquires we see here.

As far as I can tell, the concept itself is close to being completely unplayable. That said there’s no reason not to try making it at least barely playable. I’ve done a couple of hybrid lists myself, and will probably think a bit about it and present my view soon ™.


Well the deck is here for better or worse. Got rid of expensive mechs that do not fit Trial well, added the probabilty of the early finisher with Rush Unbirth, added some draw.

I want to stress, if you are going Trial you should have replenishable sacrifice meat: Gor or Sarlac, ideally both. But here we have lots of cheap minions so I tried to omit some of those to include more mechs.

I will probably test this thing myself at some point, but as of now it’s just a draft.

Ask any questions regarding my choices.


First of all, thanks for the help ya’ll!
Too bad I can’t really mix those currently, but hey, I’ll improve my dying wish/Xor’Xuul for the moment and work around that weird hybrid alongside it haha
@alexx55 it has 100% chance to be me lmao, it happened twice to me yesterday (one that I couldn’t help, but the other one was purely trolling, and I’m sure you were my opponent that game). Sorry for that outcome, I was just toying around the amount of late game power I could achieve!
@alplod yup, I can’t find a good balance for sure. I have somekind of a great early turns pressure, that fall off pretty quickly but then I have an incredible late game (with other versions of this deck tho). My goal isn’t to make a broken list whatsoever, it’s just about to make a list that I enjoy and that can be somewhat playable, maybe I’ll achieve it?

For the moment, I’ll be focusing on getting more Sarlacs (I only have one, and it’s one of the first cards & legendary I got in this game haha), and removed Alter Rexx (barely usable) & Project Omega (most decks have removals, he only was usable when I had both Mechaz0r & S.I.L.V.E.R on board). I have yet to find mid-game threats (other than Azure Horn into Malice + Furor Chakram) to replace some of my early game cards that don’t have much use, I dunno, have yet to test it out.

Edit : Does Inkhorn Gaze counts towards the trial? I cannot see any clue about it anywhere


Wait, Unbirth progresses trial…


Yep! That’s what I like most about this concept :grin:


Alas, Greed can be both a grace, and a downfall.


Im testing this as soon as I can(does the abomination retain its stats after xor trial or does it become 1/1m


Never tested this, bro, but I guess it’s just 1/1.


I kinda wanna remake my OG Unbirth Lili, but now I have options…


Anything that can kill own minions does. Even Cass BBS.


It’s just a 1/1 without any keyword, but with Project Omega you respawn it with all his buffs, that’s why I took him in the first place, combining Blood Echoes x2 into Abhorrent, finalizing with somekind of a rush/ranged demi-god abomination (but indeed, it happens once in a blue moon)


Looking at your deck, most of the minions could be replaced with Mechazor summoning minions (atleast with Helm/Wing/Cannon)


One older version of it had less minions needed for trials but more mechaz0r minions, but due to how conflicting both were, I opted for a more trials dedicated deck, keeping in priority Replicant for his draw ability & metaltooth due to his rush (something with rush on a finished trial board can almost respawn & be played infinitly)


There’s actually almost no need for Abhorrent post Trial. If you managed to summon Claw with rush after Trial, it’s actually gg already.

Speaking of echoes - I don’t like the use of echoes in Trial decks much (except for some fringe meme cases). The main point is being able to archive Destiny in the first place, and for this purpose the card is too expensive, while providing no instant value unlike, say, Ritual Banishing.


Inspired to try and make the hybrid list work.

Here is my rough draft:

I really want to cram tiger in here to, but I do not see a spot yet.

(Inkhorn is in my standard version, and yes it works for the trial. I did leave ya a decent explanation of the list :stuck_out_tongue: )