Strong minions with negative effects


Cards like hamon bladeseeker as an example, I’ve thought about some cards with negative effects.

Stats can be changed as necessary, the concept of abilities is the main thing.
Some examples

Merciful Paladin 2 mana 3/4 neutral
Dying Wish: restore 5 health to the enemy general

Usurper: 4 mana 5/8 neutral
Your minions cost 1 more to summon

Broken puppet: 3 mana 5/5 neutral
Can’t attack

These cards make good combos with light bender, and this new card

Skill drainer: 2 mana 2/1 neutral
Opening Gambit: dispel all friendly minions


I fucking adore cards with negative effects, maybe because I’m a masochist. I prefer such cards to have effects which either always harm you or if you want them to not harm you as much you have to build your deck specifically around that fact. Merciful Paladin for example doesn’t really fit in that category and would probably be run by every deck out there, both aggressive and defensive ones.

HS actually has some good examples even though they have just as much of shitty ones. Flame Imp and Doomguard and probably the ones I love the most.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pn another note, I too think CPG needs to explore the design space of powerful cards with negative effects more. Stuff like hamon, spirit harvester, leviathan.


Sweet design here!

The average power of beatsticks in Duelyst is pretty up there, but these would be a neat way to offset and compliment things like Dioltas :smiley:


I like negative effect cards too, but they have to be careful about cards that are overpowered specifically due to negative opening gambits, because they become extremely strong in “resurrection decks” (Keeper of the Vale is getting pretty popular.) Your one example here wouldn’t be a problem of course.


To add on to this, although negative effects are cool, they can’t enable a minion to do anything too flashy because of how useful AoE dispel already is. Giving it even more utility would mean that the game would become even faster, because larger minions in slower decks tend to be taken care of with dispel, especially stabilization-enabling provoke/healing minions.


I hope later on, that the self-damage mechanic of Magmar cards like Elucidator and Flash Reincarnation could be applied to new cards for strong balanced effects.


i don’t think the game needs a zombie chow. and we need more 4 mana 7/7s :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean abyssal juggernaut?


sometimes i guess lol


Effects that force you to sacrifice stuff are pretty cool. Maybe more things can be sacrificed to lead to bigger effects:

Final Surge
9 mana spell
You no longer draw at the end of your turn. Restore your general to full health and draw 6 cards. All of your cards cost 2 mana.

4 mana 5/5
Trigger your Bloodborn spell 3 times. Then, destroy it.

Johnny, the combomancer
5 mana 1/3
You may replace as many times as you want. You cannot draw, gain, or play cards.


One of my favorite cards in Poxnora has a really cool mechanic that could fit really well here.

Soul Eater
3 mana: 6/6

At the end of your turn destroy the friendly minion with the lowest health.
Deathwatch: This minion gains +2 health

Basicly a grosly undercosted card for its stats, however it has the massive draw back of destroying one of your minions every turn. Yes that can include its self!

It’s a powerful card with a huge negative drawback, however that negative drawback can be built around to actually be a boon for death watch, and thanks to wraithlings it is easy to keep the thing fed. But if you screw up or if your opponent is clever it can kill it’s self, or force you to loose something else important.

It’s also a weird dispel target, if you dispel it to early it actually could become stronger, sometimes you strait up won’t want to dispel it because it is hurting your opponent, but most of the time you will want to dispel it when it would die.


This is cool but in Duelyst this cards are even more dangerous, because board control steamrolls you even faster in this game than most others.
A card like Hamon is kind of okay because it’s big enough to deserve removal.
But smaller cards of this type are more dangerous because imagine just having a deck full of these “negative drawback OP minions”, the opponent can’t handle them all and you just steamroll.

Take that Merciful Paladin suggestion.
Even if it healed for 5, the drawback might be nearly insignificant, and actually combos with certain cards.


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