Streaming Fan Art - some questions


I’m planning to stream duelyst fan art on Twitch, so here are a few questions :

  • what card/character would you recommend for me to make a fan art of ?
  • is there any way I can get featured inside the Duelyst game ?
  • is there any place I could let the community know ? it would be nice to have company
  • is it normal for me to start streaming with 0 views ?


I’d recommend making fanarts of characters you like to play or whose design you personally love. To my knowledge, the livestreams are dedicated to the game itself, not side activities - but you need to check with a mod.

As for a place to let the community know, here, discord and reddit and/or twitter should bring you some people. Don’t mind streaming with zero views. If you’re good, or simply enjoy what you’re doing, the hype will come.

(Bonus points if you do Serpenti.)


I would watch this, and draw along with you, while you stream, so please post a link and more information, thanks.