Streamer Intro: Astrasondeverest



I am Jaydarian Astrason-d’everest, a new streamer and player.
I play Gauntlet and Ladder

I enjoy talking through my plays and answering questions. I’m also a music junkie so I got good tunes for you :slight_smile:


Hey, when do you stream?


Hey, it’s usually after 7pm Central time on weeknights, streaming 2 hours. And during the weekends it’s anytime! I’ll get a schedule within a week or so :slight_smile:


Cool. I might have to try and drop by some time. Although I live in Aus so might be hard.


Coaching with guest

Wednesday: 9PM Central


Welcome and wishing you the best of success. :slight_smile:


Ok, updating the schedule. I’ll really just play whenever. Schedule is flexible. I’m usually on weeknights.

Anyways, I’m on a Gauntlet run 6 - 1. Come watch now :slight_smile: