Story driven Campaign/Boss Battles


Disclaimer: I did NOT write the text below. I copied it from a forum in reddit, simply to give it more exposure. I agree 100% with the author.
“Hi guys,
I remember asking for official lore about a month and a half ago, and now that it’s here, I have to say I really like it. Well done Counterplay.
But, I think it could be even better. The lore is great, but just readind the lore (or rather having the lore read to you, which is really convenient, thanks again)doesn’t feel conected to the game and could be done outside of it, in the official site for example. We’re still playing a game, the lore comes to enhance the experience.
Up until now the lore is mostly about mythron’s different races and the how did they develop, but at some point I guess it will deal with the heroes and factions we know and play. There is a chance there will be battles in the lore, so why won’t make the codex into a single player mode?
Tell us the background story and let us fight an epic boss, and/or as a known character, simulating a battle in the lore itself- let us get into the lore. This mini battle could unlock certain cards, probably a copy of the boss we just defeated. This way, you take the already awesome lore and present it in a fun and memorable way. This feature doesn’t have to occur every chapter, maybe every few, to spice the codex up a little bit and get more people into the lore.
So, Do you guys think that something like that would be implemented in duelyst?”


Yes that’s what I had in mind as well (I typed it somewhere else on these forums before), boss battles and PvE and lore interspersed into a really cool single player game mode.

If they look at the rewards and progression that Eternal does in their card game in their Gauntlet mode (it’s PvE and boss battles, but no lore) I think that will make the game a lot more appealing to a bigger number of players. And I would really like it myself as well :stuck_out_tongue:


It would be very interesting, specially if they used assymetrical mechanics (like Starhorn proving himself worth of the Serenai as a series of duels against lower health “generals” where the key is managing your resources) or forced you to use a deck unique to the historical figure you have as a general (like lots of dunecasters and orb weavers as Zurix, against a Rasha with AoE spells that kill his minions as often as they kill yours.)


i want moar loar

On topic, this looks great. What if this was CP’s project when they said they wanted to make a single player campaign ?


Sounds great but realistically I cannot see any PVE single player mode being added anytime soon - unless CPG finds a way to monetize it. They already have a backlog on fully delivering the stuff they sold two month ago (spell animations for Shimzar cards) and basic client features (like a previous-button in the Match listing) and with the new expansion the unfinished work only piles up even more. So I cannot see them wasting their development resources on something like a PVE mode unless they can squeeze some additional funds out of the players with it like HS does with its adventures.


Oh well…Unfortunately what you say makes perfect sense…Let’s hope the game get more popular with time. I did play a little Hearthstone but Duelyst is much better in my humble opinion hahahhsah


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