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Storm Kage. Why npt?


I was browsing through bagoum, when i found the beautiful card called storm cage, and i thought to myself, “what is a kage lightning.” Well, you guys probably already knew this, but it is a two cost spell that does 5 damage to an enemy. And it triggers Storm Kages ability. So i decided to make a deck built around it, and just wanted to know what you guys thought about it. i haven’t made it (yet), and would like suggestions.


kage lightning damages minion only, other than that it’s just too slow in general, you might aswell just play mantra imho.

Nothing wrong in giving it a shot though


Add Sarugi, and you can chain Kage Lightnings until all enemy minions are destroyed…Too bad it doesn’t target generals :frowning_face:


Deck is too worried about spell damage - Geomancer takes care of that. What you need to be worried about is surviving long enough to get Kage down, and how you win after you do. After all, Kage is a control tool, not a game ending one.

What I’m trying to say here is you need healing.


I feel like a lot of Duelyst’s core set legendary’s actually sound a shitload more useful in theory than they are in practice. And that feels like its because the game has shifted as well. I mean Storm Kage is the shit, the control tool, the best a spell based faction could ask for. The same way whistling blade was the stall tool. Dark Nemesis? Game ending snowball. Rook? Late game bomb that would deal loads of damage. Gauj? Absolute beast to deal with all sorts of board presence. But unfortunately, all these good ideas go to waste in Duelyst, because Duelyst eventually became all about lightning fast games, about huge burst and OTK’s. And that shows by how obsolete so many cards are. Pantheran, All of magmar’s magma kit. Things have become less about positioning, and more about instant gratification. Shit like Krater seems stupid, as stupid as quillbeast. Its pointless isnt it? But you all probably know that better than me.

And nice deck btw. but Kage don’t work.


In the late game you want to kill your opponent, not controlling the board. Thats the reason why kage is not good. As a 4 or 5 mana minion it would be really good but at 7 is a joke.


You probably forget what songhai could do in 2016.


Question, in CCGs, what kind of control decks would really thrive in the very long term late game (i.e. 12+ turns)? Because I find it very advantageous to not play with your food, which is what I suspect most control decks do anyway.


What do you mean? In Duelyst there are very few decks that aim to go very late game, run the opponent out of resources and are successfull. Those are control healnar and control vaath (this one is non existat due to fault vet).
All other midrange/control decks usually focus on tempo and value plays to win at 8-9 mana


I’m just asking if there are decks that thrive in the very late game since you mentioned that letting the game go on for a long period of time (playing with the food) isn’t a good idea.


Ok than my answer should be good. To my knowledge only those two decks worked like that and right Now they are not really good


None because games are usualy already deceided before 9 mana.
Grinding your opponent out of recources in a long game?Forget about that with countless infinite value generators and effective draw tools beeing around


What happened to Obliterate Cass?

It has enough removal and healing to stop a lot of decks, and has a lot of threats supplemented by the strongest spell in the game if it goes off.

Dispel also isn’t played much anymore.

This is the reason I’m stuck in diamond, still think Creep Cass is good :frowning:


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